Alyssa Ellman Has Got Eyes On A New Man Ryan Ignasiak After Nasty Split With Chris Collette

The dating rumors of Alyssa Ellman and Ryan Ignasiak are breaking the internet at the moment. Did she divorce with husband Chris Collette? Here is everything you need to know about the latest story development.

MAFS, aka, Married At First Sight, is coming up with its 14th season, and it has sparked a great debate on social media among the fans. Ellman has been targeted by several fans after her “I’m a good person” statement.

The netizens are trolling the MAFS star left and right after her latest statement, regarding her relationship with Collette and Ryan. If you are still unaware of what’s going on, read the full article.

Are Alyssa Ellman & Ryan Ignasiak Dating? 

Some fans think that Alyssa Ellman and Ryan Ignasiak are dating currently. However, we are yet to verify whether this news is true or not.

In the latest story development, the official page of MAFS posted a picture of Ellman and Chris, and one of the fans suspected that Ellman is now eyeing Ryan. The user further warned Ryan to get away from Ellman.

Later, Ryan responded to the comment and said, “I know her outside of the show, she’s not so bad, I promise.” This incident let fans suspect that they are actually in a relationship.

Is Alyssa Ellman Divorced With Her Husband Chris Collette?

Yes, Alyssa Ellman is divorced from her ex-husband, Chris  Collette.

Ellman was the most infamous cast member of the last season of MAFS after her relationship with Chris Collette. Some people believed that their marriage was the shortest marriage relationship in the history of mankind.

The Ellman And Collette duo married in season 14, but they didn’t spend their marriage night together. Later, Collette opened up about their relationship and said that Ellman had no intention to get married to him.

As the argument heated up, Chris filed for a divorce. Later, Ellysa revealed that she was never attracted to Chris and even regretted her actions. Now, fans think that she may do the same with Ryan.

Alyssa Ellman Wiki Bio And Instagram Explored

Alyssa Ellman rose to fame after her appearance in the famous American reality TV show Married At First Sight. You can find her bio on Instagram, but the TV star has made her account private at the moment.

Ellman, a 30-year-old woman, from Boston, USA, entered season 14 of the show as a social media manager. As per the MAFS official Instagram post, we may see her in the upcoming season also.




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