Who Is Arianna Afsar Single Or Dating Anyone? American Singer As Wedding Season Cast Details

Arianna Afsar is an American singer, who will be seen in Netflix's Wedding Season.

Arianna Afsar is an American singer, composer, beauty queen, and activist.

She was born on October 22, 1991, and her stage name is "Ari." Ari is well known for her role in the musical Hamilton as the songwriter of the musical Jeannette. She was also a top contestant in the singing competition American Idol.

Who Is Arianna Afsar?

Ariana graduated from Westview High School, the same institution where she founded Adopt-a-Grandfriend in 2005 to increase the feelings of isolation experienced by older persons. She received her diploma from Westview in 2009 and then continued her education at the University of California, Los Angeles.


Afsar competed for a spot on the eighth season of American Idol back in 2009. She sang a song by Corinne Bailey Rae called "Put Your Records On" for her audition in Phoenix. She was one of the top 36 competitors left in the competition. Afsar made it to the live semi-finals. However, she failed in advancing through her group. The judges did not choose her to fight for a wildcard spot in the competition. 

Afsar was crowned Miss America's Outstanding Teen for the state of California in 2005. She went on to represent the Golden State at the first-ever Miss America's Outstanding Teen pageant, which was held in Orlando, Florida, in August 2005.

She was the competitor with the least amount of experience. Still, she won a preliminary talent award and first place in the competition. She was crowned Miss San Diego County in 2010 and won the title. Afsar participated in the Miss California pageant for the first time in 2010, and she won the title of Miss California 2010.

In January of 2011, she participated in the Miss America pageant and earned a spot in the top 10 of the competition.

Wedding Season Afsar Cast And Singer

Later this week, you'll be able to watch the new romantic comedy Wedding Season on Netflix. Why shouldn't you miss it? Here is why!

Firstly, the movie's plot is based on a tried-and-true premise that we know you can't get enough of—the cliche of false lovers who turn out to be genuine loves!

Pallavi Sharda, who played Tom and Jerry, takes on the role of Asha, the female protagonist in Wedding Season. Asha is a go-getter who usually has several commitments and is always busy. Her busy lifestyle might appear to be very satisfying at first sight, but she is well aware that there is something more to her life that she is missing. Something like love.

Alongside Sharda, Life of Pi actor Suraj Sharma, who will play Ravi, the film's male protagonist, will be a part of the cast. Ravi, Asha's polar opposite, prefers to take things easy and roll with whatever the day throws at him. When he encounters the high-strung and hard-working individual, he imparts some wisdom to her on the importance of allowing love to guide one's actions. We are curious to see where he ends up following his own counsel!


Priya is portrayed by Arianna Afsar, in addition to the actor and actress mentioned above. Afsana posted a photo on her Instagram account saying she had wrapped up her first Netflix feature.

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Where Is Arianna Afsar From? What Is Her Ethnicity?

Afsar is from San Diego. Her parents are both immigrants. Her father is from Bangladesh, while her mother is from Germany.

Arianna is, therefore, of mixed ethnicity. Although she is American, her ethnicity is German and Bangladeshi.

Who Is Arianna Afsar Dating?

Although not much has been confirmed, it seems like the singer and actor is dating Chase Westra, whose Instagram handle is @cwestra8. 

There is not much information about Arianna and Chase being together. However, if we look at the couple's Instagram profiles, we can see that they have shared lovely pictures. The duo seems to enjoy each other's company; they love embarking on adventures, as evident in their posts.


In a birthday post shared by Chase, he says that Arianna is his favorite travel and hiking par5tner. In the post, he shares some breathtaking pictures of the couple on Top Of Half Dome.


In yet another post by him, Arianna and Chase can be seen posing outside Castello di Amorosa Winery. He captions the photo by saying all his best memories are always with Arianna. Even the singer had posted a stunning photo with Chase when they were in Luna Juego.