Who Is @bartholomew0794 Twitter? Fans Reacts To Yung Gravy Visual On Reddit

A Twitter user named Bartholomew0794 uploaded a private video of the American rapper Yung Gravy, and the footage has already gone popular on social media. 

@yunggravy is this you, Bartholomew0794 wrote in the description after posting the video. People responded to the tweet and verified that the person in the video is really Yung Gravy.

Social media users abandoned Scandalized on July 16, 2022, when a Yung Gravy leak video surfaced online. On TikTok, people are discussing the allegedly authentic Yung Gravy video that was posted to Twitter by Bartholomew0794.

 Who Is @bartholomew0794 On Twitter?

After uploading a leaked video of Yung Gravy, Bartholomew, better known by his Twitter account Bartholomew0794, is receiving attention. He is an arbitrary Twitter person who only has 884 followers as of this writing. He signed up on Twitter in July 2022 but has only published three tweets thus far.

His most recent tweet, which he tweeted to garner followers, includes the Yung Gravy leaked video. Although it is still unclear how he obtained the film, it has made him well-known, and fans are now following him in anticipation of more such content.

Go to Bartholomew0794’s Twitter post with the Yung Gravy leak video to watch it now.

Following Bartholomew0794, another Twitter user also provided the whole Yung Gravy video, which you can view here.

In the video, Yung Gravy is shown having a sexual encounter with an unnamed girl. Yung Gravy used the camera on his cell phone to record the footage. The girl and Yung Gravy then turn the camera to their faces in the video.

Fans React To Young Gravy Viral Video On Twitter

Twitter has been inundated with memes and comments since the Yung Gravy leaked video surfaced there.

A Twitter user responded to the video by posting a meme with the caption hanging from Yung gravy’s balcony after watching that leaked video.

American rapper Yung Gravy, Matthew Raymond Hauri, hails from Minnesota.

When his song “Mr. Clean” achieved popularity on SoundCloud in 2017 and was later awarded RIAA Platinum certification, he first came to public attention.

Numerous people follow Yung Gravy on social media. On Twitter, where his handle is @YungGravy, he has 317K followers.

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Rapper Yung Gravy’s New Girlfriend Searched On Social Media After Viral Video

Yung Gravy and Melissa Rivera are courting, though Gravy hasn’t made the relationship known to the public.

Although the rapper hasn’t yet made any announcements, his fans are eager to find out who he will date in the future. He may identify her as his love interest if he meets the appropriate explicit person.

Hauri’s parents are Peter Johannes Hauri and Cynthia Cleveland Hauri. He was born in Rochester, Minnesota. He holds the dual US and Swiss citizenship. His father was a Swiss-American psychotherapist with 80 years of experience who specialized in treating sleeplessness.

After graduating from Mayo High School in 2014, Gravy enrolled at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin, where he earned a BA in marketing and advertising and graduated in December 2017.

Gravy began rapping for enjoyment while still in school and launched his career on SoundCloud after being inspired by the rise and popularity of rappers Lil Peep and Lil Yachty. He quit his work in 2016 to devote all of his time to music, spending months creating his personal recordings.

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