Who Is Batsheva Haart? Julia Haart Daughter Bio And Dating Life Described

Batsheva Haart got married at the young age of 19 but got divorced after nine years. Based on her experience, the 29-year-old suggests others to not get married so young.

Batsheva Haart is an American lifestyle blogger best known for her appearance on the Netflix show, My Unorthodox Life.

She is also the daughter of American fashion designer and businesswoman Julia Haart. Further, Batsheva is a social media influencer with a growing follower base on Instagram and TikTok. 

Discover more about the young reality TV personality, including details on her age, boyfriend, and father.

How Old Is Batsheva Haart 2022? Age And Wikipedia Bio

Batsheva Hart’s age is 29 years old. She was born in New York on February 27, 1993.

Born to a famous designer mother, Batsheva hasn’t let her family name overshadow her individual. Instead, she has established herself as a famous social media personality with 499K followers on Instagram. On TikTok, she is even more popular with 1.4 million followers and 36.5 million likes. 

Additionally, Batsheva is a recurring cast of Netflix’s family reality show, Unorthodox Life. The show follows the professional and family life of fashion designer, Julia Haart. 

Likewise, she is also a fashion entrepreneur and owns an online jewelry line called The Clear Cut. The store has products ranging from $695 to $2150.

Does Batsheva Haart Have A New Boyfriend? 

Batsheva Haart is not in a committed relationship with a new partner; however, she has moved on from her ex-husband and is open to dating.

No, Haart appears to be single at the moment. The reality TV star hasn’t shared any updates about her dating life.

Previously, she was married to Ben Weinstein who works as a real estate salesperson in New York. He earlier worked with his former mother-in-law Julia as an Operations Coordinator. 

Further, Ben also regularly appeared on My Unorthodox Life as his relationship with Batsheva was a storyline followed in the show.

The couple got married in 2012 soon after finishing high school and were together for nine years. During their marriage, the two often had arguments about Haart’s clothes; Weinstein disapproved of his wife wearing pants. 

While the exact reason for their split is not revealed, the fact that Ben wanted to have kids and Batsheva’s unwillingness to start a family could have played a part in their divorce.


Meet Batsheva Haart’s Mom Julia Haart: Who Is Her Father? 

Batsheva’s mom is Julia Haart, an American fashion mogul and author. She is also the main cast of the show, My Unorthodox Life.

Similarly, Batsheva’s father is her mother’s first husband Yosef Hendler. Her parents were united in an arranged marriage; Julia was 19 and Yosef was 24 at the time.

From their marriage, the ex-couple are parents to four children: two daughters named Batsheva and Miriam, and two sons Shlomo and Aron. 

The couple lived in an orthodox family which Julia left after her divorce from Yosef; hence, the name of the show is derived from Haart’s escape from an orthodox family. 

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