Ben Hebert Wife Teddi Hebert And Their Lovely Family Of Four

Ben Hebert and his wife Teddi Hebert are living in Chestermere in Alberta. Ben and Teddi have been together for fourteen years.

Sports and especially curling, have been a massive part of the Helberts. Ben is a Canadian curling from Chestermere, Alberta. He won the gold medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, was crowned world champion in 2008, and has won four Brier titles.

Hebert was chosen as the best Canadian male leads in history in a TSN survey of elite curlers, journalists, and commentators in 2019. With a career earning of $97,068, he is one of the best curlers from Regina.

The 39-year-old curler has been working as an executive in his hometown. Ben is a Business Development Manager at Caltech Surveys Ltd., primarily an oil and gas land surveying business serving Western Canada.

He comes from an athletic family with two cousins and an uncle who plays curling professionally.

Is Ben Hebert Married?

Ben Hebert married Teddi Hebert in 2011. Ben and Teddi are parents to two kids.

The couple celebrated their eleventh anniversary on August 27, 2022. Ben and Teddi have been together for more than fourteen years.

Canadian curler Ben Hebert with his partner Teddi during their time off in 2021.
Source : facebook

Based on a Facebook post of Teddi, they had been dating since at least April 2008. Both are huge sports fans and are often seen in different games in different jerseys.

They welcomed their first baby, a daughter, in July 2013. They became parents for a second time on June 28, 2017, at 3:05 am, with the birth of their son Griff Benjamin Edward Hebert. Their daughter is currently nine, and their son is five. 

Ben Hebert Wife Teddi Herbert

Ben Hebert wife Teddi Herbert is originally from Regina Saskatchewan. Teddi is a huge sports fan like her parents. 

According to her social media account, she went to Archbishop M. C. O’Neill. Archbishop is a Catholic secondary education institute located in the Coronation Park neighborhood of north Regina. 

Teddi rose to prominence and gained media attention after marrying the curling icon. She celebrates her birthday on May 3 every year. 

She is active on many social media pages. Teddi is available on Instagram under the username @teddiheebz, with over four hundred followers. Mrs. Herbert has preferred to keep her profile private, with 265 posts at the time of this writing.

The Hebert family enjoying their visit to the Disney world in California in Mid 2022.
Source : instagram

Moreover, she is also active on Facebook, with more than a thousand friends. The mother of two uses this account often and usually updates her page with recent pictures of her loved ones.

When Teddi is not cheering for her husband in his tournaments or taking care of her two children, she is busy traveling with her parents. 

Ben Hebert Family

Ben Hebert comes from an athletic family with three members involved in curling.

His cousin David Kidby is a curler from Regina, Saskatchewan. He is currently 35, born on March 24, 1987. He is employed as a sales representative for Infinite Water Solutions.

Ben Hebert celebrating 2022 Christmas with his partner and kids at their home in Regina, Saskatchewan.
Source : instagram

David, usually called Dj, enjoyed a successful junior career that included two regional championships, a national championship, and a world championship. In addition to their provincial junior crown, Dj also won the 2005 Canadian Junior Curling Championships and the 2005 World Junior Curling Championships. Kidby won a second junior championship in 2008, throwing second stones for Brennen Jones.

Moreover, he won the 2011 DEKALB Superspiel with Moskowy and the 2012 The Shoot-Out with Walchuk.

Ben’s other cousin Dustin Kidby is also a curler from Regina, Saskatchewan. He is currently 37, born on May 26, 1985. He throws lead rocks for Team Matt Dunstone. Kidby is a senior group benefits underwriter for the Co-operators Life Insurance Company.

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