Porter Gustin Wife Cheyenne Gustin Is A Fitness Trainer And Health Coach

Porter Gustin wife Cheyenne Gustin is a fitness expert and nutrition instructor. Porter and Cheyenne were married in 2020.

Fitness trainer Cheyenne and NFL star Porter tied the wedding knot in Elk Ridge City, Utah, amid a massive rise in covid 19 cases. Their wedding went according to plan, following all Covid protocols.

Gustin, 25, is a promising American football player who plays as a defensive end for the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League (NFL).

Before joining the NFL, Gustin was a standout player at USC, earning first-team All-Pac-12 honors in 2017 and 2018. He has also played for the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks.

To get the Dolphins back on the winning track following three straight losses in the previous games, Porter is expected to start with the first team against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, December 25.

Porter Gustin Wife Cheyenne Gustin Is A Fitness Coach

Porter Gustin wife Cheyenne Gustin is a fitness teacher and health coach from the United States. 

In addition to emphasizing a person’s physical welfare, she also places equal attention on their dietary and mental health. Cheyenne is a passionate trainer who prefers healthy and nontoxic living.

Nutritionist Cheyenne Gustin at Big Cottonwood Canyon in January 2019.
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She helps individuals achieve their health and fitness goals through exercise and nourishment. Her task is to develop safe and effective workout plans, provide schooling on performing exercises correctly, and motivate clients to stick to their fitness objectives.

Apart from her personal Instagram account @cheygustin, she has two further business accounts, Healthwchey and Luxx Medical Spa. She uploads about consuming a quality diet that is good for health and adds nutritional value.

According to her research, Cheyenne has narrowed down five basic things that are huge in everyone’s health. Each one requires perseverance, compromise, and work.

The first is a protein diet. She insists on including protein in meals. The second is drinking plenty of water. Similarly, the third one is eating various food with different colors. The fourth and last part is the need to walk and get good sleep. They are the five formulas of a sound and healthy life.

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Moreover, for a one on one consults, Cheyenne has created another Instagram profile, @luxxmedicalspa, where an individual can find different treatments and solutions to their problems.’

The spa provides a wide range of services, including cutting-edge face and body treatments, hormone replacement and balancing, and stem cell therapy. In addition, Mrs. Gustin also provides guidance on food and lifestyle habits that can support an individual’s overall health and wellness.

As a nutritionist, Cheyenne specializes in the science of food and sustenance and how it affects the human body. She assists clients in crafting healthy dietary choices and achieving optimal healthiness.

Moreover, Cheyenne provides advice on how to schedule and prepare nutritious meals, develop healthy eating habits, and make informed decisions about the types and amounts of foods and beverages to consume. 

Fitness trainer Cheyenne at her home in Cleveland, Ohio, in January 2021.
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On top of that, she also informs people of the pros and cons of using different staple diets. She has attached a link to the website on Consumer Reports that explains the concerning levels of heavy metals such as arsenic and lead found in everyday protein powder.

Porter And Cheyenne Married Life

Porter and Cheyenne tied the wedding knot on April 12, 2020, in the middle of a desert in Elk Ridge, Utah. 

NFL star Porter and his lover Cheyenne were married in April 2020 in Elk Ridge, Utah.
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They were only permitted to invite a certain number of people to the wedding since it was happening during the Covid crisis, and not many guests could attend the grand event.

“Yesterday was perfect. Thank you to everyone who helped out and made it all happen. We are so blessed.” Cheyenne wrote on the post appreciated everyone who gathered at the venue and apologized to those who were not there because of the lockdown and Corona restrictions.

She shared the first ever picture with her husband, Gustin, in November 2019. The two lovebirds were in Cleveland, Ohio. The couple was living in the city as the defensive end was playing for Cleveland Browns at that time.

Chey often goes to witness his game, especially home games at the FirstEnergy Stadium, with her friends and family. Although the year 2020 was unforgettable for the world due to the pandemic, it had stored some crucial memories for the Miami Dolphins player.

The love birds dancing in the woods in Cleveland in March 2020.
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In March 2020, Porter surprised her girlfriend Cheyenne with an engagement ring and proposed. She was in tears after he got down on a knee to propose. She shared a picture of the ring on her Instagram.

A month later, in April, the pair were married in Elk Ridge, Utah, with a limited number of guests allowed. Porter and Cheyenne began exploring the world after they got hitched.

In May 2020, they tripped to Yellowstone national park in Wyoming with a group of family and friends. In early June 2020, they took a solo trip to Lake Powell Resorts and Marinas, where they were seen surfing, boating, and fishing.

Still living in Cleveland in December 2020, the couple celebrated their first breeze of Christmas winter together, as she put it, “currently living in a winter wonder(cleve)land.”

Porter and Cheyenne were celebrating snowy Christmas in Cleveland, Ohio, on December 25, 2020.
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For their first Valentine as a married couple, Porter and his soulmate Cheyenne travel to Riviera Maya, Cancun, a popular tourist destination in Mexico. They had a lot of fun exploring archeological sites, the forest, ponds, and rivers along the Mexican Caribbean coastline.

The pair now lives in Miami, Flordia, following Porter’s transfer from the Browns in June 2022. Cheyenne has posted several pictures of the two enjoying the sun on Florida beaches.

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