Scott McTominay Girlfriend Cam Reading Is A Director At Fortress Capital Partners

Scott McTominay girlfriend Cam Reading is the director of Fortress Capital. Scott and Cam recently took a trip to Dubai.

The United midfielder, Scott McTominay, celebrated turning 26 last week and was one of the players to play both the game in the team’s friendly matches in Spain. Unfortunately, he didn’t receive the birthday gift he had hoped for, as the team lost both matches.

But before heading to England, the midfielder decided to take a trip to the exotic farm in Dubai with his better half, Cam Reading. McTomniay shared the photo of their short trip on his Instagram handle.

The midfielder has always been known to be the one to prioritize discipline in the team and has always kept his relationship out of the public limelight. This was the first time the Scottish player showed his fans the leading lady of his life. 

Scott McTominay Girlfriend Cam Reading Is A Director At Fortress Capital

Scott McTominay girlfriend Cam Reading is a director in the asset management company Fortress Capital.

Cam, whose birth name is Cameron, has been working at the UK-based company for the past two years. Before holding the position of director, Cam worked in Investor Relations.

Cam Reading pictured at an event for the Life Insurance Company, Bounce Life
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The company mostly serves high and ultrahigh-net-worth individuals and has a senior management team with more than five decades of combined experience in the field. This only showcases how highly talented Cam is to be working in a senior position at a well-reputed company.

But before being in charge of the management at Fortress Capital, she served as a financial advisor for Bounce Life. The company was sold to Cream Financial Solutions in 2021 for an undisclosed seven-figure sum.

She joined the company in 2015, during its early development stages and it was off and running the year after. And prior to its selling, it had already become one of the largest life insurance companies in the UK, hence, the seven-figure sum for it. 

Cam Reading Come From Family Of Finance Professionals

Cam Reading comes from a family with a renowned reputation in the finance world. 

Finding your feet in the corporate world is a task that mounts many challenges and without expert guidance, it can make life harder. 

But thankfully for Cam, she didn’t have to go far in search of the right person to guide her. She had one at her home. Cam’s father, Ashley Reading is a man with years of experience under his belt. 

Cam and her father Ashley Reading at the British Mortgage Awards in 2018 for their company Bounce Life
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Since 2005, Ashley has founded four finance companies and has several won several accolades in the field. He has previously worked with the legendary Olympic athlete Sir Steve Redgrave in a joint venture for his first company.

And it’s not only Cam’s father, who is the finance guru of the family. Her grandfather, Derek Reading, is a Hall of Famer member and founded several companies along with his son in the 90s.

In 2018, the father-daughter duo attended the British Mortgage Awards for their company Bounce. They have continued their successful partnership at the Fortress Capitals, where Ashley is the CEO. 

Scott McTomniay And Cam Reading Trip To Dubai

Scott McTominay and Cam Reading recently took a trip to an exotic farm in Dubai after he completed his training in Spain. 

The Manchester United midfielder took to his Instagram to post several photos of his latest trip to Dubai. Cam was also present beside her boyfriend, who looked excited holding a snake in her hand. 

Scott McTominay and Cam Reading stroke a cub as they took a short trip to the exotic farm in Dubai on December 15
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Saif Ahmad Belhasam, the entrepreneur of Dubai was in charge of their trip to Fame Park. He has previously hosted players like Segino Dest and Breel Donald Embolo. 

This was also the first time that the player posted a picture with Cam and provided a glimpse into his personal life. The player visited Dubai right after he completed his training at Jerez de la Frontera in Spain with his United teammates. 

Cam Reading looks excited holding a snake at the exotic farm in Dubai in December 2022
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And before he returned to the UK, the Scottish midfielder decided to take a trip into the wild with his better half. The pair were photographed cuddling a baby cub and feeding a bear. 

With most of his teammates now returning from the World Cup tournament, and the Premier League season ready to resume on Boxing Day, we might soon see Cam joining the famous wives and girlfriends at Old Trafford. 

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