Davis Mills Girlfriend Victoria Wisted Is A Former Athlete

Davis Mills girlfriend Victoria Wisted is a graduate of the University of Alabama. Davis and Victoria began dating in 2018.

The young couple attended Greater Atlanta Christian High School and live together in Houston, Texas. They moved to Houston as the Texans drafted Mills in the 2021 NFL draft. 

The 24-year-old is going through a bad patch at Texans with the latest fumble allowing Chiefs’ running back Jerick McKinnon to record a game-winning touchdown. 

Mills did shoulder the blame for the loss as he remarked on the defense of Kansas being top-notch. But overall, Texans did play well and are now looking to get their first victory since October against Mike Vrabel’s Tennesse Titans. 

Davis Mills Girlfriend Victoria Wisted Is A Former Athlete

Davis Mills girlfriend Victoria Wisted serves as the business development manager for IDR Incorporation. 

Victoria, likely to have turned 24 earlier this year in June, earned her high school diploma from Greater Atlanta Christian School. Her partner Mills had also attended the same high school before joining Stanford in 2017.

Victoria Wisted and Davis Mills smile for the camera as they enjoy a date night in 2020
Source : instagram

At Greater Atlanta Christian School, Victoria was part of the varsity basketball team and also captained the varsity soccer team. She was a leading name of her high school in co-curricular activities, something she maintained even during her college days.

After completing high school, she began her three-year college program at The University of Alabama. In 2019, Wisted completed her bachelor’s degree in business marketing. 

While striving towards completing her college degree, Victoria worked as a marketing intern at the Todd Organization in Atlanta, Georgia, and later at Show Me Your Mumu. The latter is a clothing brand and e-commerce platform which has grown exponentially since its launch in 2010.

The quarterback shares a photo of him and his girl Victoria on his Instagram handle on the occasion of her birthday earlier this year in June
Source : instagram

Victoria’s journey at her current workplace began in 2020 before the coronavirus took over the world. She joined as an IT recruiter for IDR and, within a few months, was promoted to Account Manager. 

Wisted must have a high work ethic to earn a promotion in such a short amount of time. After working as an account manager for a year, Victoria was then once against elevated to a different position in October which she is currently serving.   

Davis Mills And Victoria Wisted Started Dating In 2018

Davis Mills and Victoria Wisted shared their relationship publicly in the summer of 2018. 

Though they have known since they were in Greater Atlanta Christian School and were awkward teenagers in 2011, it was a while before they saw each other as more than friends. At least, that is what we think from looking at his previous Instagram posts. In an interview, he mentioned that his girlfriend and her family have seen him play for as long as he can remember.

If you have visited Mill’s Instagram handle, you must know that the quarterback seems fond of posting photos only in greyscale. 

Whilst still at Stanford Davis posted the photo of hugging a lady from behind as they enjoyed a trip to South Lake Tahoe, California in 2018
Source : instagram

In an interview with the official YouTube Channel of Houston Texans in 2021, when the quarterback was asked about the reason for such curated Instagram posts, he said it was something he started during his freshman college year and has now been stuck doing it.

And in one of his grayscale posts from 2018, Mills can be seen hugging a lady from behind as they enjoyed a boat trip at South Lake Tahoe, California. The lady was later identified to be Victoria. 

The young couple celebrated the 2018 holidays together as Davis continued to build his reputation with Standford Cardinals. Victoria celebrated the 2019 Thanksgiving with Davis’ family as the quarterback shared another greyscale photo on his Instagram handle.

Victoria attends the Stanford game in 2019 as she clicks a photo with her better half after the match
Source : instagram

Without a miss since 2019, Davis has always posted photos of him and Victoria on her birthday, which falls on June 19. But it was not only an Instagram post that Victoria received as a present from her longtime boyfriend.

Earlier this year, when Davis sat down for an interview with Drew Dougherty, the Stanford graduate revealed he got his girl a bag and flowers. If Victoria had her Instagram open for public viewing, we might have seen the beautiful presents she received from the Texans quarterback.

Davis shared the photo of him and Victoria on the occasion of her birthday in 2021
Source : instagram

In the same interview from 2021, Mills revealed to Deepi Sidhu that Victoria had shifted along with him to Houston after he joined the Texans in 2021. 

He also revealed that she attends all the home games and has traveled to a few away games. After going through a bad patch of games early in the season, the quarterback revealed that his girl, Victoria, was beside him to support him through the bad patch.

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