UFC: Brad Riddell Wife Marisa Riddell And Lovely Daughter Malee

Marisa Riddell, Brad Riddell’s long-term girlfriend, eventually became his wife, and they now have a child together.

The MMA fighter hailed from New Zealand. Brad has established his reputation in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight division. Besides, he is also a former kickboxer.

Meanwhile, his wife, Marisa, is a health and fitness specialist and a personal trainer. She is a content developer for social media, and most of her posts are centered on physical exercise and healthy lifestyle choices.

Both of them have preferences in life that are very comparable to one another. The pair is committed to leading a life that is both physically active and healthful, and they have a strong interest in exploring new places. 

On Sunday, November 13, the 31-year-old UFC fighter will meet the Brazilian MMA fighter Renato Moicano in a lightweight bout at the UFC. His mixed martial arts record is at ten wins and three losses. Having lost his previous two games, Riddell knows he must triumph on Sunday if he wants to save his reputation.

Quick Facts About Brad Riddell

Full Name Bradley Stephen Riddell
Age 31 years
Married Status Married
Wife’s Name Marisa Riddell
Children 1

Brad Riddell’s Wife Marisa Riddell Is A Fashion Icon

Brad Riddell’s wife, Marisa Riddell, is a well-known name in the fashion and modeling industry.

She is a fashion star and Instagram model. As a part of her modeling contract, Marisa has collaborated and developed partnerships with several different apparel and shoe-wear businesses.

A model is a person who uses their outward attractiveness to assist another person, often an artist, in creating or displaying a piece of artwork or to help a firm in advertising a product.

Brad Riddell's Wife Marisa Riddell is a model and fashion star. She often uploads stunning pictures of her wearing different branded outfits.
Source : instagram

The model may collaborate with a photographer to make fashion photographs or stroll down a runway to present a fashion designer’s newest clothes collection. Both of these activities might include the fashion industry.

However, Brad’s partner Marisa is presently working as a social media model and cooperating with various clothing brands. She posts photos to her Instagram account, @stilettoandsteel, tagging the brand she is modeling in each one.

On her Instagram bio, Marisa has a few brand names she is currently partnered with. They are Vintage Splendor and Sustainability. “Oh forgot about this one from last week. Found this vintage 80’s dress with pockets!!”, She penned in one of her Instagram posts that she modeled for Chad Woo Images photography.

Marisa Riddell wearing vintage 80's dress with pockets, photographed by Chad Woo Images.
Source : instagram

Similarly, a few clothing brands she mentioned in her uploads are Urban Outfitters, TheStoryOf, Vintage Splendor, Dove Hospice & Wellness, and many more. Marisa looks stunning in all her pictures, especially the one with that bumped belly when she was pregnant in 2021.

Marisa Riddell Is A Fitness Devotee And Fanatic

Marisa Riddell is a devoted fitness fanatic. She works out every day to maintain her petite figure.

The wife of MMA star Brad Riddell is always striving to preserve her little frame through rigorous exercise. The avid gym-goer is very cautious of her boy and fitness and goes to all extremes to maintain that. 

Marisa Riddell is a fitness freak and she regularly goes to gym and workout to keep her body in petite shape.
Source : instagram

Training is something that all models, whether they are fitness models or fashion models, have in common since they must maintain their bodies properly.

And she didn’t start working out and practicing yoga only because her husband Brad is a UFC fighter and spends all of his time in the gym working out and training; Marisa had already been working out and practicing yoga for a long time before that.

The two reportedly got to know one another in 2016 when Marisa participated in Muay Thai training. She began her practice in Muay Thai the same year, and while there, she met and fell in love with Brad Riddell. After a few get-togethers at Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket, Thailand, they grew very close to one another, thus the start of their relationship.

Marisa is a big fan of Muay Thai. It is a combat sport prevalent in Thailand and most parts of Southeast Asia. Muay Thai is also referred to as Thai boxing because it evolved from the old form of muay boran. 

As a fitness model and trainer, it is essential that she be in the best shape possible at all times. To accomplish this goal, Marisa works out every day, precisely as her MMA fighter husband Brad does.

In June 2018, she uploaded a picture of her training at Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp. She captioned, “Time to utilize all that energy from yesterday’s d**th star donut. A user in the comment section wrote, “You rock, girl.”

Brad Riddell Has A Daughter Named Malee With His Wife Marisa

Brad Riddell and his wife, Marisa, are blessed with an adorable little daughter Malee. She was born in 2021.

Marisa has written “Minimalist Mama” on her Instagram bio, which means she cuts all the spotlight she and her newborn baby receive because of Brad’s popularity. She does not want to get too attached to anything that might jeopardize their daughter’s early life.

Marisa Riddell uploaded a series of images of pregnancy modeling on her Instagram when she was pregnant with Malee in 2021.
Source : instagram

They’ve been married for over five years now, and they’ve welcomed a kid Malee into the world, so Brad and Marisa are now positioned to put down roots and take pleasure in the life they’ve built with their offspring. 

The year before, the couple’s family of two expanded to include a child of their own. But in addition to that, they have one more member who is extremely dear to all of them. It is their pet dog. 

Marisa uploaded a picture with her husband, her daughter, and their pet dog and penned, “We finally got a photo taken with the 4 of us!” on her Instagram in April. As a matter of fact, the baby also gets along with their puppy.

Brad Riddell and his wife Marisa has a daughter named Malee.
Source : instagram

She announced the news of her pregnancy by posting a photo on social media in January 2021 that showed her with a visibly pregnant tummy beside her husband, Brad. Not long after that, a daughter was brought into the world. After that, each and every image she posts is of her little daughter.

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