Who Was Bethan Lloyd Owen Nurse? Breast Surgeon Ian Peterson Wife And Family Facts

The consultant breast care nurse, Bethan Lloyd Owen, has departed this life, but the reason for her death has not been released yet.

She was a dedicated breast cancer nurse who showed her extreme care and love towards the patients. She was appreciated by most of the patients. Her friends express their condolences to her family and close friends, as well as the breast cancer patients for whom she was an angel.

What Was Bethan Lloyd Owen’s Nurse Death Cause? Breast Surgeon Ian Peterson’s Wife and Family

Bethan Lloyd Owen is popular as a breast care nurse whose cause of death is still unknown. Her warmth, caring and compassion given to her patients was very much acknowledged and will be most sadly missed, one of her close friends stated.

Bethan is the wife of a well-known butcher surgeon, Ian Peterson. Ian was put behind bars and he was warned with dismissal for daring to question the careless treatment of women whose lives were ultimately spoiled.

His loyal assistant, breast nurse Bethan Lloyd Owen, stated that Peterson was regarded as a lead surgeon at Spire Healthcare’s private hospitals at Parkway, Solihull, and Little Aston, north of Birmingham.

He was accused of misdiagnosing cancer in healthy patients and putting them through unnecessary and damaging procedures, including an unregulated “cleavage-sparing” mastectomy.

Ian is currently serving 20 years for his 14-year campaign of botched ops he executed in the West Midlands. Peterson, who is due to be freed in 2027, was kept in prison in 2017 for wounding with intent and unlawfully wounding nine women and one man he treated between 1997 and 2011.

Bethan Lloyd Owen’s Daughters And Children

The information about Bethan Lloyd has not been released yet. It is uncertain how many daughters and children she has.

Bethan had not been in the spotlight prior to Ian Peterson’s case. details regarding her are still unpublished.

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Bethan Lloyd Owen’s Age: How Old Is She? Wikipedia

The exact age of Bethan is not known, but judging from her appearance, she seems to be in her late 50s. 

According to Wikipedia, Bethan was a nurse. She serves breast cancer patients and treats them very gracefully. She was very sincere about her work.

When Peterson was not available as the Chief Surgeon at Spire Healthcare’s private hospital, he was ably accompanied by his breast nurse, Bethan Lloyd Owen.

A picture of Ian Peterson

Dishonoured surgeon Peterson is most popular for performing negligent breast surgery. However, he performed many types of careless operations on both female and male patients.

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