Who Is Kevin Wenstob? Big Timber Lead Cast Brithdate And Career Earnings Explained, Everything We Know

Kevin Big Timber has been a sawmill owner and a logger since he remembers himself. Kevin never thought that he would be famous for being a logger.

Kevin has worked in hazardous conditions of mountain logging with his crew. They have a business name, Timber resource, which he and his wife owned as a partner on Vancouver Island.

Kevin has recently earned attention with the new reality show, Big Timber which Netflix hosts. It has already been released and comes in the top 10 TV shows on Netflix as of 2021.

Kevin had earned lots of fans and followings from this TV show. Moreover, he has made a good amount of money though he hasn’t revealed it yet on the internet. This Tv show also helps their business to increase.

Who Is Kevin Wenstob?

Kevin Winston is an American logger who owns a timber business.


Kevin, as a teenage,r, had worked cleaning and washing dishes, which he never wanted. He has worked separately for 20 years and has commercial and industrial equipment and suppliers.

Moreover, Depending on a person’s rank within the crew, they can earn between $56000 to $84,000 a year.

However, Timber had recently grabbed the attention with the new reality show, Big Timber, which was launched on Netflix on 2nd July 2021. This Tv show premiered on the History Channel of Canada in October, and the series was shot from September 2019 to January 2020.

Kevin Wenstob Age and Net worth

Kevin Big Timber’s age is yet to be revealed on social media and the internet. Kevin Timber’s income is approximately $200 a day, which is about $73000 a year.


According to Canada’s Indeed.com, the basic logger salary is around $126,165(CAD), which is about $60.66 per hour. Depending upon a worker’s rank, they can earn approximately $60.66 per hour.

Moreover, Kevin doesn’t reveal his age. Watching his photos on social media and the internet, it looks like he is around 60 to 65 years old. However, Timber hasn’t revealed his exact net worth on the internet.

Kevin seems to have an extraordinary lavish life because of his successful business in his old age. At an early age, he was a cleaner and dishwasher, which tells that he had an adamant time. 

However, Timber had become the role model and motivator struggling from zero to the top level. The logger worked hard in his early life, becoming famous and a millionaire. 

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Kevin Wenstob Wife And Family

Kevin Big Timber is a married man with two sons in his family. Kevin’s parents and nationality are yet to be revealed on the internet.

However, Kevin has been running a logging business with his wife, Sarah Flemming, and his two sons, Erik Wenstob and Jack Winston. The Timber sons are very helpful and support their family business from early childhood.

Moreover, Kevin’s parents and Nationality are not mentioned on the internet. Kevin might have a bad relationship with their parents, so he doesn’t want to disclose his parent’s details. He even kept his nationality secret and has not revealed it yet on the internet.

In addition, Kevin’s wife helps and supports his business to grow. The couple is living a happy and wonderful life with their son. They have a lavish lifestyle and have earned fame throw TV shows and series.

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