Bj Brown Erin Tennessee Shooting Video, Cop Killer Mugshots On Twitter

BJ Brown is a suspect involved in Tennessee Shooting that happened on June 27, 2022. He has been charged with shooing a police officer and killing a woman named Casandra Jones. The fatal shooting happened in the 1400 block of Iberville Street.

In relation to the shooting, Brown was wanted by the New Orleans Police Department on a charge of second-degree murder.

Subsequently, the New Orleans Police department had announced a manhunt on Monday night. They have now successfully arrested him.

Bj Brown Erin Tennessee Shooting Video Goes Viral

A video of BJ Brown shooting Casandra Jones has been released online. It was filmed by a witness from a nearby apartment window.

The clip shows a man walking up to Jones with an AR-15 rifle and shooing her at least two times. A witness also tells that Brown had shot Jones twice in her back. She tries to run, however, gets collapsed in the parking lot.

The killer is seen wearing a grey jacket, black pants, and wearing red sneakers. He is hunting down the woman carrying a long gun. 

The woman was heavily injured and she died transported to a hospital where she later died. She was identified as Casandra Jones by her loved ones.

BJ Brown Mugshots Released On Twitter

A mugshot of BJ Brown has been posted on Twitter, confirming that he has been arrested by the New Orleans Police.

As described by the police, Brown is an African American man. He is 32 years of age.

Brown also shot Erin police officer later that evening in Tennessee. After, killing the woman in New Orleans, he escapes to Tennesse and shoots the officer 530 miles away near Erin, Tennessee, west of Nashville.  The officer was trying to make a traffic stop when Brown pulled the trigger. He is expected to have survived the shooting.

The city of Erin has posted a photo of Brown when he was being handcuffed by the officer. 


Bj Brown Kills His Ex-Girlfriend Casandra Jones  

Casandra Jones was BJ Brown’s ex-lover. According to the victim’s family, they dated each other in past.

Also, the court records say that there is a history of domestic abuse between the couple.

Jones had filed a petition in May 2022 against Brown.  She wrote in her statement that Brown had tried to smother her with a pillow after an argument. Moreover, on plenty of occasions, BJ had punched her face, knocking out some of her teeth.

Jones worked in the New Orleans First City Court. She



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