Bo Nix Kid With Wife Izzy Smoke, The Child In The Wedding Pictures

After becoming formally engaged on August 2, 2021, Bo Nix married his love, Izzy Smoke this year. But, has he got an illegitimate kid?

American Quarter Back, Bo Nix plays college football for the Oregon Ducks. He signed with the NCAA team on December 19, 2021.

Nix was previously the starting quarterback for Auburn for the previous three seasons. He made eleven touchdowns and three interceptions in his most recent season, which lasted ten games.

The football star received special distinction as the SEC Freshman of the Year 2019 in addition to being named Alabama Mr. Football and USA Today All-American. He is therefore one of the most looked after quarterbacks in American football.

Last month, Nix made headlines after marrying his longtime girlfriend Izzy Smoke. At the same time, there have been strong rumors about him having a child born out of wedlock. Continue further to know about him.


Does Bo Nix Have An Illegitimate Child? Reddit Rumors Debunked

Bo Nix has been embroiled in a romantic controversy, with people speculating that he is the father of an illegitimate child. 

He is allegedly the father of two children, according to a rumor. Consequently, netizens have been posting questions such as “Is Bo Nix a deadbeat dad?” or “Who Is Bo Nix’s Son?” on platforms like Reddit and Twitter.

Also, there is speculation on Twitter that Nix’s illegitimate child meme could actually be about his father, Pat Nix this whole time. 

The football star also has not at all agreed with that assertion. Additionally, after observing his social media habits, we found no evidence of his rumor. On the other hand, individuals continue to promote such pointless rumors on social media. However, there is no such information, proving that he is the father of an unborn kid. 

Bo Nix Got Engaged Last Year 

Bo Nix got engaged last year in August. He recently got married to his longtime girlfriend, Izzy Smoke.

The couple had been dating since 2021, they took more than two years to fully understand each other and make wedding vows. They officially tied the knot on July 2, 2022.

Nix popped the question last year to his beautiful girlfriend.
Source : instagram

Nix’s fiance,  Izzy Smoke had shared the picture of them enjoying an event at Jordan Hare Stadium with her followers. It was the quarterback who got to his knees. He like Izzy also shared a photo on his social media, where he mentioned the date he proposed to his love. Smoke wrote on Instagram, “Lifting my eyes up towards our Father – the One who not only answered my prayers, but exceeded them. Bo Chapman Nix, it is my greatest honor and joy that you have chosen me to be your WIFE. I cannot wait to run the rest of my race with Christ before me and beside you. HERE’S TO LOVING YOU FOREVER!!!!!!!”

Similarly, Nix announced his engagement in his own way, he wrote: “7.30.21. God is so good! I knew from the first moment I laid eyes on you that you were special. I cannot wait to be your husband. Here’s to forever with you, Izzy Smoke!”

Unseen Wedding Pictures Of Bo Nix & Izzy Smoke 

Bo Nix and Izzy Smoke tied the knot in a stunning Southern ceremony. They were married in front of a small group of relatives and friends.

However, the ceremony was said to be very lavish, as many of Nix’s friends from football attended the wedding.


Nix after his return to the field said: “Obviously, it’s been a really enjoyable offseason. Not many college guys–college football players–get to be married. So, I am excited about that. It’s been great. It’s been very special, especially going back, seeing our families, having a great wedding, beautiful ceremony, all that good stuff. It’s been really good coming home this Summer, having somebody to be with.”

The QB also said, as quoted on the On3 site: “Obviously, it was a long six months from January to June, but it prepared me and gave me a lot of good time with my teammates–a lot of individual time with them. But, it’s been a good long offseason. I feel like it’s been one of the longest of my career. I’m just really excited to get back on the field again.”

The Oregon quarterback returned to his full duty on August 8, 2022, after finishing his honeymoon.

Does Bo Nix & His Wife Izzy Smoke Have Children?

Bo Nix and their wife Izzy Smoke are planning for their child in near future. Additionally, based on their social media activity, the couple is not currently parents.

Bo Nix and his wife enjoying their honeymoon in Cabo.
Source : instagram

The football star was in his honeymoon period last month, as seen in his Instagram photos. We can see many photos of the couple enjoying in beach, ferries, and exotic locations. They went to Cabo San Lucas for their quality time.

Also, Nix and Smoke spent most of their time in Alabama with their family.  In the meantime, the QB also prepared himself for a fall camp.

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Who Is Izzy Smoke? Bo Nix’s Gorgeous Wife

Izzy Smoke is a Tiger’s cheerleader. She met Nix at the Auburn University Athletics, while the QB played from 2019 to 2021 before transferring to Oregon in 2022. 

Nix's girlfriend-turned wife, Izzy Smoke is a cheerleader for Auburn Tigers.
Source : instagram

Smoke has been doing cheerleading since her school days. She graduated in May this year. 

The beautiful cheerleader is currently active on Instagram with the handlename @izzysmokenix. She has amassed a total of 19.5 thousand followers.

Meet Bo Nix’s Parents

Bo Nix is the son of Patrick Nix and Christa Chapman. He was born on February 25, 2000, in Arkadelphia, Arkansas.

Speaking of his sports career, Nix has been highly motivated by his dad who is a successful high school football coach.

Nix’s father spent 16 years coaching at the collegiate level before moving into the high school coaching ranks. At Jacksonville State, Samford, Georgia Tech, Miami, and Charleston Southern, he worked as an assistant. From 1999 to 2000, he served as the institution’s head coach for two seasons at Henderson State.

His father, Patrick Nix also played college football as a QB at Auburn University from 1992 to 1995. He formerly coached Henderson State University.

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More About Bo Nix’s Family Members

Bo Nix was born into a highly sports-influenced family. He is the grandson of Conrad Nix, a legendary football coach with 300 victories and two consecutive state championships. 

Bo Nix and his family pictured while, Nix receives his official jersey for the 2019 Under Armour All-American game.
Source : trussvilletribune

According to Nix’s Wikipedia, he and his family are keen followers of the Christian religion. They reside in Alabama.

Speaking of siblings, Nix has a little brother, Caleb Nix, who studies at the Central High School in Phenix City. Similarly, he has a sister named, Sara Nix, who is seven years old younger than him. Sara celebrated her 14th birthday last year.

The quarterback for the Oregon Ducks has a social media account with the handle @bonix10. He now has more than 118k followers and has already received a verification tick.

Bo Nix has posted 96 times so far, generally sharing his gameplay and times with his fiance and family members.

Bo Nix’s Net Worth & Salary

Bo Nix’s net worth is USD 1.5 million as of 2022. 

The QB is now tabbed as a regular starter for Oregon in the 2022 season. He earned a good sum of money on the Plains during the NCAA’s first season that allowed student-athletes to negotiate NIL deals. 

In 2022, Nix had a number of sponsorships, including ones with Milo’s Tea and the JBoy Show, but data from one of those agreements—which required him to make weekly appearances for 15 minutes a session—has given us an estimate of how much that endorsement money was worth.

The possibility of Milo’s sweet tea being offered at the wedding celebration raises doubts given Nix’s recent endorsement agreement with the company.

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