Who Is Bonnie Garmus? Author Wikipedia and Career Highlights

Almost 65 years of age, copywriter and creative director Bonnie Garmus published her first novel 'Lessons in Chemistry' set in the early 1960s. 

Although she has written a total of 3 novels, Lessons in Chemistry is the only one that was picked up by a publisher. Her first novel was never finished, and her second was finished but far too long. 

"I couldn't consult Google—I had to learn from a 1950s chemistry book!" she says now, describing the chemistry as "by far the most difficult part of writing the novel."

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Who Is Bonnie Garmus? 

Bonnie Garmus is a copywriter and creative director who has worked for a variety of clients in the United States and abroad, primarily in the fields of technology, medicine, and education.

Garmus is an open-water swimmer who makes a concerted effort not to think about what she's swimming with, despite being befriended by seals and dolphins. She was once guided across a pitch-dark lake by a helpful swan.

Bonnie is from Seattle, where she competed in rowing. She has lived in Switzerland and Colombia. She has two amazing daughters and currently resides in London with her husband and her dog.

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Bonnie Garmus Wikipedia Details

Bonnie Garmus is not available on Wikipedia as of yet. Her debut has taken up the literary world by storm. Lessons in Chemistry has sold in 35 territories worldwide and will be published in the UK by Doubleday. Transworld won a fiercely contested 16-way auction.

Garmus had always wanted to be a writer and attended the University of California, Santa Cruz, to study English Literature. She once worked as an editor for a scientific publisher after graduation. It was there she met the scientist who went on to fact-check her novel.

After working at the publisher, Garmus tried her hand at writing computer manuals for a short time before realizing how much she disliked it.

She went on to become a copywriter specializing in technology and medicine. She opened up her own business in Seattle because she wanted to have the option of turning down projects. 

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Insight On Bonnie Garmus - Age And Partner Name 

Bonnie Garmus is currently 64 years of age. She recently published her first novel Lessons in Chemistry. She has two children with her partner who works in the technology field. Her partner's name is not known. 

When her husband's job in technology unexpectedly brought them to London in 2017, she started Lessons in Chemistry. She enrolled in a creative writing course. It was there that she met her agent, Felicity Blunt of Curtis Brown, at a party. 

She is on Instagram under the username @bonnie_garmus_author. Bonnie currently has over 1.5K followers on Instagram.