How Old Is Carmen Cervera’s Son Borja Thyssen? His Wikipedia Biografia & Edad

Is there a Wikipedia page dedicated to Borja Thyssen? This page will provide you with additional information about him.

Borja is well-known as the son of Carmen Cervera, a Spanish debutante and art distributor, and accumulator.

He has had serious problems with suspected tax crimes in recent years: the State’s licit employees are seeking three years in jail for defrauding 630K euros in income and assets taxes.

Borja Thyssen Wikipedia And Biografia

Borja Thyssen’s Wikipedia page has yet to be discovered.

There are, however, some additional websites where we may learn more about him.


He is one of three heirs to his mother’s billionaire fortune, which includes a 600-segment art collection estimated to be worth 150 million euros.

His grandma served as his first tutor and taught him how to learn. After that, he attended a private high school to finish high school before enrolling in private institutions to pursue economic studies.

Borja Thyssen Edad – How Old Is The Carmen Cervera’s Son?

Borja Thyssen is currently 41 years old. He was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1980, and hence has Spanish citizenship and ethnicity.

His parents, Carmen Cervera and Manuel Segura are his parents.

Borja had been separated from his mother for a few years owing to a disagreement over the rules for accessing his father’s endowment, which was contingent on the baroness’s permission date and amount.

Who is Borja Thyssen Wife?

Blanca Cuesta is Borja Thyssen’s wife. The pair married in the year 2007 and have four children together.

He was popular with girls during his teenage years, but when he was 18, he met Blanca Cuesta, the lady who would change his life forever.


They can be seen together in a lot of photos posted on social media like Instagram and Twitter.

Find Borja Thyssen Net Worth

Borja Thyssen has not revealed any details about his pay for the year 2022.

We don’t know how much Thyssenmakes every month or year. When it comes to disclosing his profits to the public, he has kept mute.

For the time being, we may assume that he has amassed a sizable fortune, with a net worth of more than ten million dollars.

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