Boy From Philadelphia Joseph Rodriguez Arrested Over The Murder Of Frank Decero

According to authorities, a suspect has been detained in the death of Francis “Frankie” Decero, a Philadelphia man whose body was discovered shot, stabbed, and burned in May.

Joseph Rodriguez is accused of murdering Frankie Decero.

Decero’s body was found shot, stabbed, battered, and burned, and police told FOX 29’s Kelly Rule that they were investigating whether he was tortured.

Is Joseph Rodriguez Arrested Over The Murder Of Frank Decero?

Frank Decero, 25, was discovered missing from his house on April 26. Joseph Rodriguez, 22, has been accused of his murder.

FOX 29 got surveillance video of him double-parking his Jeep near the junction of 13th and Biglore Streets before getting into another car and driving away.

Decero’s Jeep was in a new location, without gas, and he was nowhere to be found.

Officers discovered an unresponsive male around 31st and Tasker Streets on May 4, after a group of juveniles reported seeing the body in the brush on Douglas Street.

According to a source, investigators initially followed a suggestion that Decero might have been targeted because of recent lottery winnings. Although Police Captain Jason Smith could not totally deny the possibility, he did tell FOX 29 that investigators worked with lottery authorities and found no evidence of Decero winning.

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Joseph Rodriguez Jail Sentence- What Charge Is He Facing? 

Joseph Rodriguez is accused of murder, PIC, reap, conspiracy, tampering with evidence, obstruction of justice, and misuse of a corpse, among other charges.

The exact penalty for murder varies from state to state, however, all jurisdictions impose a sentence of imprisonment (sometimes for several years). In general, first-degree murder punishments range from decades to life in prison (with or without the possibility of parole).

The penalty for second-degree murder is usually always less severe than the penalty for first-degree murder (less than life in prison).

Aggravated first-degree murder is punished by the death penalty in some states. The death penalty is legal in around half of the states, as well as the federal government and the US military.

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Joseph Rodriguez Age & Family 

Joseph Rodriguez is 22 years old, according to reports. His exact date of birth, however, remains unknown.

In addition, no information regarding his family has been made public. It must be quite difficult for them to learn of the charges leveled against their son.

We’ll add more details to this section as soon as we have more information from a credible source.

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