Brad Gushue Wife Krista Gushue Is A Registered Nurse In Canada

Brad Gushue wife Krista Gushue is a registered nurse and a nursing educator. Krista is a graduate of Memorial University.

The 42-year-old Canadian curler and his spouse both attended Memorial University in Newfoundland to complete their bachelor’s studies. He graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration, while Krista received her nursing degree from the college.

The Newfoundland and Labrador native curler Gushue is a two-time world champion and has won numerous other championships at the national and international levels. Besides, he is also a four-time Brier champion.

The skip of Team Gushue, gold medalist for Canada at the 2006 Winter Olympics, exited from WFG Masters as Team Brendan Bottcher eliminated Team Brad Gushue by 5-4 in an extra end in the quarterfinal on Saturday.

Brad Gushue Wife Krista Gushue Is A Registered Nurse

Brad Gushue wife Krista Gushue is a registered nurse currently working at the Centre for Nursing Studies.

She works as an educator at the Eastern Health central facility. The mother of two began her journey as a healthcare professional while studying at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Krista Gushue graduated her Master's degree from Queen's University in September 2022.
Source : facebook

Krista lives in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, and has been actively working in her field since she graduated from college. After graduating from Memorial University, she joined Athabasca University for further studies.

She received her master’s in Health Professions in Education from Queen’s University on August 31, 2022. Krista has shared pictures from the convocation day on her Facebook wall. Brad is also currently a student at the university pursuing his Master’s in Business Administration.

After she completed the final examination for a clinical nursing instructor in November 2017, she uploaded a photo of herself holding a book reading “Clinical Teaching Strategies in Nursing”.

Brad Gushue spouse Krista Gushue partaking in the 2018 Canada Day Race.
Source : instagram

According to the photo of her ID uploaded on Instagram in September 2018, the RN was employed by Eastern Health’s Broker Earth subsidiary.

Krista currently works as an educator at the Centre for Nursing Studies, and her areas of specialization include clinical teaching and medical-surgical nursing.

Brad Gushue And Krista Gushue Married In 2006

Brad Gushue and Krista Gushue married in 2006 in the autumn after the Winter Olympics.

They nestle in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, with their daughters Hayley and Marissa. They have been living together for more than sixteen years.

Brad Gushue and Krista Gushue were married on September 8, 2006.
Source : facebook

After dating for a few years, the couple tied the wedding knot on September 8, 2006. Krista shared some glimpses from their wedding day on their 16th wedding anniversary in September this year.

In October 2017, she uploaded an old picture on her Instagram quoting Throwback Thursday!, a picture from ten years ago when the Candian curler and Krista were on their honeymoon.

In their sixteen years of marriage, Brad and Krista are blessed with two children, Hayley and Marissa.
Source : instagram

Brad married Krista following the gold medal win at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy. The same year he co-wrote a book Golden Gushue: a Curling Story, with his fellow team partner Alex J. Walling, which provides a behind-the-scenes look at the ascent of Gushue’s team to Olympic gold.

He is currently in the process of receiving an MBA from Queen’s University. In a photo Krista posted on Instagram in June of this year, she and Brad are posing in front of the campus.

Krista Gushue Is The Mother Of Two

Krista Gushue is the mother of two amazing daughters Hayley and Marissa.

Champion curler Brad Gushue and Krista became parents for the first time in October 2007. Their first-born, Hayley, turned 15 this October, and the younger daughter Marissa is now 11.

Four years later, their youngest child was born on September 1, 2011. In October, she shared pictures of her older daughter’s fifteenth birthday as she cut a huge cake.

Krista Gushue with her family celebrating her daughter Marissa 11th birthday in September 2022.
Source : facebook

Krista has uploaded tons of pictures of her kids on her social media, Facebook, and Instagram. Her younger baby girl Marissa recently won the Triple Ball East junior volleyball competition. The proud mother posted images of the celebration and congratulated her. 

In contrast to her younger sister, who just entered grade 6, Hayley is in her sophomore year of high school. Both of them are active in extracurricular activities around the school. Marissa is a talented dancer, gymnast, and volleyball player.

Brad and Krista two daughters, Hayley is 15 years old and Marissa is 11 years old.
Source : facebook

In addition, Krista frequently takes both of her children to see their father play curling. The family often goes on holiday to different places in the country. They went to Stan Cook Sea Kayaking in August 2017, and in May 2020, they took a vacation in Chance Cove Beach.

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