Brandon Ingram Parents Joann Ingram And Donald Were Previously Married To Different Partners, He Has One Half-Brother From His Father’s First Marriage

Brandon Ingram was born to his parents, Donald Ingram and Joann Ingram, in 1997.

His parents, Donald and Joann, had divorced their previous partners. From their different relationship, Brandon has two half-siblings. He is the youngest of three; his elder brother’s name is Donovan, and his older sister’s name is Brittany. 

The 25-year-old New Orleans Pelicans basketball star is very close to his father, and through both his successes and his setbacks in his career, Donald has been there to encourage him.

Brandon is able to carve out a successful path in the world of professional basketball with the assistance of both his father and brother. Drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2016 NBA draft, he now plays for the New Orleans Pelicans in NBA.

Ingram shines as the Pelicans embraced an impressive 113-102, tight win over Memphis Grizzlies in the National Basketball Association (NBA) game on Tuesday, November 15. He grabbed 19 points in the game by scoring up and under shots.

Quick Facts About Brandon Ingram

Full Name Brandon Xavier Ingram
Age 25
Father’s Name Donald Ingram
Mother’s Name Joann Ingram
Siblings 2
Brother’s Name Donovan
Sister’s Name Brittany

Brandon Ingram Was Raised By Parents Joann Ingram And Donald Ingram

Brandon Ingram was born in a close-knit family to parents Donald and Joann Ingram. They raised him in a sound and supportive environment. 

His mother, Joann Ingram, is a manager at Neil Medical Group. His father works at a welding facility and produces forklifts. Joann has been working at Neil Medical Group for over 33 years. She started working in the position in November 1989.

After working there for over three decades, she has experience working in healthcare, the pharmaceutical industry, and customer service. 

Born on September 2, 1997, in Kinston, North Carolina, the NBA star had a healthy upbringing since both his parents showered him with love when he was a child.

Brandon Ingram uploaded this family picture with his parents Donald and Joann on her mother's birthday in 2018.
Source : facebook

His father, Donald Ingram, wanted to make him a star one day. The basketball star has a strong connection with his father, and he consults with him about every significant choice he has to make.

His parents have children of their own from separate partners. His elder brother Donovan is from his father Donald’s relationship with another partner. Similarly, his elder sister Brittany was born to his mother Joann when she was with another partner.

After beginning his working life as a law enforcement officer and the administrator of a nearby fitness center, Ingram’s father is now employed full-time at a welding facility, where he is responsible for producing forklifts. Before it, Donald was a burgeoning basketball talent who was making his way through the semi-professional leagues.

His father has a very close friendship with former NBA star  Jerry Stackhouse. They used to hang out and play on the street while they were younger. After Brandon returned to Kinston, Donald helped him pursue a basketball career.

Who Are Brandon Ingram Siblings?

Brandon Ingram has two siblings, a sister named Brittany and a brother named Donovan.

Both of them are older than him, so he is the youngest of the bunch. Donovan, Brandon’s older brother, was raised in a different home but made frequent weekend visits to help Brandon learn the game.

When Ingram was a kid, his family moved to a modest house on Highland Avenue in Kinston, where he spent his formative years. Despite the high crime rate in Kinston, Ingram focused on basketball. When Ingram was younger, his older brother sometimes included him in games he and the other grownups played.

Brandon Ingram with his half sister Brittany. He has two half siblings, a brother Donovan and a sister Brittany.
Source : infoseemedia

As a result, Brandon developed a strong connection with basketball and wanted to pursue a career in it. Under the guidance of his father, Donald, his brother Donovan and Jerry Stackhouse, he flourished at the junior level during his school. 

Besides, his brother, who went by the nickname Bo, went on to play collegiate basketball for South Plains College for two years from 2008 to 2010 and UT Arlington from 2010 to 2012.

Brandon Ingram Family Life, Their Support To HIs Basketball Career

Brandon Ingram was born to an African American family in Kinston, North Carolina.

His parents each had a kid with a prior partner. They found love in each other’s arms after divorcing their previous partners. His father, Donald, took care of him alongside his elder half-brother Donovan (also Donald’s son from another relationship).

Donald did not let personal problems come between him and his relationship with his son Brandon. On the contrary, he brought him up in the most exemplary manner conceivable without making any missteps at any point.

Family means everything to Brandon. Without his family, he would not be here today playing in NBA. Both his parents Donald and Joann Ingram raised him in healthy environment.
Source : neusenews

He runs a family foundation besides his regular job and occasionally donates to charity organizations. “We didn’t have any problems with him throughout his entire growing up—his school years, up to this point.” Next, Donald talked about raising Brandon

Brandon’s father later became a referee and officiated high school and college games. His father, Donald, did all he could so that his son Brandon could have a comfortable life.

Some FAQs

Does Brandon Ingram have any siblings?

Brandon Ingram has tow half siblings. His elder brother Donovan from his father’s side and his sister Brittany is from his mother’s side.

Who are Brandon Ingram parents?

Brandon Ingram was born to his parents Donald and Joann Ingram. They raised him in Kinston, North Carolina.

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