Cameroon Born Breel Embolo Parents Germaine Embolo And Moise Kegni Moved To Switzerland

Swiss footballer Breel Embolo was born to parents Germaine Embolo and Moise Kegni. His parents are originally from Cameroon.

Ligue 1 side Monaco forward Embolo was born in the Cameroonian capital Yaoundé, but he came to Switzerland with his mother when he was only five years old.

The intriguing twist to his story is the 25-year-old faced his birth country Cameroon in the first match of Group G of the FIFA World Cup 2022. He even scored for Switzerland but did not celebrate out of respect for his family nation.

“Since the draw, it is like the 10,000th time I get this question,” Embolo said about being asked the same question since the draw in 2021. However, he highlighted his family side of the tale and how important the game is to both his family in Cameroon and in Switzerland.

He said that this game has a lot of significance for him and his family since the opponent is his home country, where he and his parents were born. The majority of the rest of his extended family still lives there.

Breel Embolo Parents Divorced When He Was Little

Breel Embolo was raised by Christian parents, Germaine Embolo And Moise Kegni. They divorced when he was a little boy.

Born on Valentine’s day on February 14, 1997, it’s ironic his parents had to separate even after they had a baby on a day of love celebration. They divorced when he was barely five.

Breel Embolo on training a day before facing his birth country Cameroon in the FIFA World Cup.
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When he was five years old, his mother relocated to France to continue her education there. During her time there, she was fortunate enough to meet the man who would become her future husband; he was a Swiss citizen.

After his mother married the Swiss guy, the family moved to Basel and settled there. At age 17, on December 14, 2012, the Swiss forward got his Swiss citizenship and officially became a citizen of Switzerland.

Before moving to Switzerland with his mother, Embolo spent his early years in Cameroon. Yaounde is where Embolo and his brother spent their formative years together. He was the kind of youngster who was highly sociable, simple to get along with, and endowed with a wonderful personality even as a young child.

Swiss forward Breel Embolo spent his early days in Cameroon before moving to France and then finally settling to Switzerland with her mother Germaine.
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Before his parents started having problems in their marriage, Breel’s father and mother ran a home in Cameroon, West Africa. They identify as Christians and belong to the middle class. Breel was raised in a highly devout household, and his father would take him to church on weekends.

After the divorce, his mother, Germaine, decided to bear custody of their children, and her ex-husband offered financial support from far away.

Breel Embolo Moved To France With His Mother Germaine

Breel Embolo was raised by his mother, Germaine Embolo, in France after his parents divorced.

Germaine had the intention of continuing her education in another country so that she could provide a better life for her children. Since her married life crumbled, she decided that furthering her education should be her top focus.

When Breel Embolo was five years old, his mother uprooted what was left of her family and traveled to France to begin a new life there. 

Breel and his brother had their first experience with academic study in France. When he was younger and attending school, he had an extraordinarily sharp brain and was humble.

Breel Embolo chose to play for Switzerland instead of his birth country Cameroon in December 2014.
Source : instagram

While studying in France, her mother met a Swiss gentleman and fell in love with him. They moved in with him in Basel, Switzerland. Breel was very clear about his ambition and wanted to play football from the start.

“As a child, I made it clear to my mum that I wanted to concentrate fully on football.”, Embolo said.

As he rose through the ranks of Swiss football, Embolo had a choice to chose to play for Switzerland or to play for his birth country Cameroon. He was qualified to compete in Cameroon, but in December 2014, he decided to switch his international allegiance to Switzerland.

Although most of his family and relatives still reside in Cameroon, Embolo decided to play for Switzerland. He scored against his birth country in the Group G opening fixture of the FIFA World Cup 2022.

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