Brett Finch Wife Elli Johnston Relationship Timeline and Children

Brett Finch, a former rugby player, has been married to his wife, Elli Johnston, since 2018. The couple dated for five years before tying the knot.

Finch and his wife were on the verge of building a family with their daughter and possibly more children. However, recent accusations against Finch have turned the tide.

The former State Of Origin Halfback has been mixed in vile allegations of distributing abusive messages to children, which has caused quite a stir.

In light of the situation, the controversial player might face serious prison time as he awaits the court decision.

Brett Finch And Wife Elli Johnston Relationship Timeline

Brett Finch and his wife, Elli Johnston, have known each other for around nine years since he played for Melbourne Storms.

Finch's wife Elli Johnston has supported him throughout the legal process.
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Elli is a model and glamour artist who has been involved in Rugby for a long time. She is the daughter of legendary Wayne Johnston, also known as The Dominator.

Johnston has been through thick and thin with her husband, Brett. They met while Finch struggled with addiction; she was his support system.

Fast forward to 2022, Finch still has legal problems in his bag, and his partner Eli is by his side no matter what.

Brett Finch Married Partner Elli Johnston In 2018

After dating for over five years, Elli and Brett married in January 2018 in front of their friends and family.

Brett Finch and Elli Johnston had their wedding in 2019.
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Brett and Elli tied the knot in the Victorian Capital. The wedding was a grand one in itself, with the presence of familiar names in Rugby and Australian sports.

Anthony Mini­chiello, one of his best friends, was the best man in the ceremony. Likewise, Cooper Cronk, Billy Slater, Andrew Johns, and Cameron Smith were among the attendees. Coaches Craig Bellamy, Brad Fittler, and Ricky Stuart also attended the wedding function.

The Rugby star and his partner Elli met each other in 2013 while he was playing for the Melbourne Storms.

Only 18 months after he left a drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility, they got married. Then, following an incident on a domestic aircraft, he appeared to put himself into a mental health facility.

Brett Finch and his wife Elli Johnston dated for 5 years before wedding.
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He was dozing off on a trip from Sydney to the Gold Coast while sporting a bloody nose. He developed paranoia and could not exit the plane because he feared something.

The relationship had ups and downs, but the bond grew more robust with the years.

Brett Finch Has A Daughter With Wife Elli

Brett Finch and his wife Elli gave birth to a baby girl in 2019. Their only daughter Mackenzie Grace is three years old now.

Brett and Elli's daughter Mackenzie Grace was born in 2018.
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Mckenzie was born on May 27, 2019. The couple moved to their home in Sans Souci after the birth of their only child. 

Brett Finch and his family lives in Sans Souci home.
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The family of three has been living there for a couple of years.

Brett Finch Is The Only Son Of Robert Finch

Brett was born on August 20, 1981, in Maitland, Australia. His dad Robert Finch was a former rugby player in the 70s. Likewise, he was also a referee and representative back in the day. 

Several Rugby stars from Australia spoke over Brett's accusations.
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The Finch family has made their name familiar in Australian sports. His dad had quite a reaction to Brett’s recent accusations, as he was accustomed to controversy in the media.

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