Jared Gordon Wife Christina Gambino Is Gymnastics Judge And Founder Of Jumptwist Ninja Academy

Jared Gordon wife Christina Gambino married him in October 2021 in Miami. Gambino and Gordon started dating as teenagers.

The couple is childhood friends turned lovers and have now been happily married for over a year. The two have had a rocky relationship and were on and off for many years mainly due to Gordon’s addiction problems.

On December 10, before Jared stepped into the octagon ring, Christina shared a post of the two wishing him the best before the much-awaited fight. Gordon had won the last four of his five games before rumbling against Paddy Pimblett last night. 

It was Pimblett who came out on top against Gordon via unanimous decision. The fight was the most controversial of the night as many have said that the judges got it completely wrong and Gordon should have won the match against the Englishman. 

Jared Gordon Wife Christina Gambino Did Gymnastics

Jared Gordon wife Christina Gambino is a former gymnast who later became a realtor.

Born in New York, Christiana, age 34, grew up idolizing her father, Jack, a sensei for Jiu-Jitsu students and a real estate dealer. If it was because of her father that she began her gymnastics career, then his demise made her quit at the mere age of 12.

Christina Gambino pictured with her father, Jack, as he trained her in Jiu-jitsu as a kid
Source : instagram

But if Christina had given up at the time, we probably wouldn’t be talking about her gymnastics career. Gymnastics reentered her life at the end of her high school days before she joined college, and ever since then, the sport hasn’t let her go away again.

When she joined Baruch College, Christina dabbled in real estate, following her father’s footsteps, and has continued her side venture till now. During that time, Gambino also earned her personal trainee certificate and started training students at Baruch gym.

At the gym, Christina became a household name and helped people in their transformation journey. People of different age groups looked up to her as a mentor, and the athlete successfully turned her passion into a business.

Christina Gambino pictured at the Palm Beach Gymnastics as she trains for her appearance for American Ninja Warrior in 2018
Source : palmbeachpost

Along with teaching at Baruch Gym, Gordon’s partner also gave lessons at Palm Beach Gymnastics. In an interview with Palm Beach Post in 2018, Christina talked about her dream of opening a gym.

Four years since that interview, the better half of Jared Gordon has gone on to make that dream a reality. 

Christina Gambino Is The Founder of Jumptwist Ninja Academy

Christina Gambino is the founder of Jumptwist Ninja Academy and had already established Jumptwist Music in 2009.

Gambino opened Jumptwist Music with the hopes of making gymnastics fun for beginners. But the journey wasn’t smooth sailing. She crossed many hurdles before going to establish her ninja academy. 

Christina Gambino pictured at her gym Jumptwist Ninja Academy sitting on the obstacle Salmon Ladder on August 20, 2019
Source : instagram

A decade after establishing Jumptwist Music, Christina thought it was time to establish a gym where people could engage in the activities in the most fun way possible. And if you wonder where the ninja gimmick fits in all of this then we have the answer for you.

A Participant in America Ninja Warrior 

Gambino’s passion for gymnastics drove her to participate in the famous American hit show American Ninja Warrior.

The New York native was first seen in the 2017 edition of the show in its ninth season. But sadly, her time at the show was not televised as she succumbed in the first round in the floating steps. This performance didn’t affect her at all and she was back again the following year. 

Christina Gambino strikes a athletic pose as she competes for the first time in the show American Ninja Warrior in 2017
Source : instagram

Though she was able to conquer the floating steps the second time around, the gymnast and the self-declared ninja failed at the Ring Jump. But this time, she got a brief TV appearance of two minutes. 

As they say, the third time’s the charm, Gambino participated again in the show in 2019, and this is also her latest appearance. This time, her momentum failed her going into the obstacle, and Christina fell victim to Off the Hook.

Christina Gambino in her latest appearance in the American Ninja Warrior in 2019 as she gets out in the obstacle Off the Hook
Source : instagram

After the knockout from the competition, Christina took to her Instagram handle to express her disappointment, but she also stated that this was not yet over. She might not have hit the buzzer in 2019, but her hopes of being crowned a ninja have not faded. 

Establishment of Jumptwist Ninja Academy

On April 2, 2019, Christina took to her social media handle to announce that Jumptwist Ninja Academy is finally open and ready to take in clients.

Earlier that year, in February, Christina had posted behind-the-scenes photos of the gym being built from scratch.

Christina Gambino poses with a wide smile as shares the post from her gym Jumptwist Ninja Academy in 2019
Source : instagram

Later she posted a photo of herself holding on to a rope as she flashed a wide smile to the camera and wrote a lengthy caption. Gambino said her childhood dream had finally come true, but not without many sacrifices.

Christina worked 13 hours plus daily and was living off of energy drinks. Many times she didn’t feel mentally well but kept going so that she could see her dreams become a reality. 

Inside Jared Gordon And Christina Gambino Married Life

Jared Gordon and Christina Gambino married in October 2021 after dating since they were teenagers. 

The two have conquered various obstacles in life to reach the happy marriage stage they are in today.

The obstacles are not only the ones they face in their professional life but also the ones they have faced in their personal life. The UFC fighter had to battle inner demons to live his life to the fullest, and the gymnast used to have PTSD as a kid.

Christina Gambino shares a good luck message post before Jared's fight against Paddy on December 9, 2022
Source : instagram

Gordon’s struggle with drugs has been well documented. In 2015, the fighter almost lost his life for two minutes before he was revived again. That was the last time he ever overdosed, and since then has been clean.

In his latest UFC interview, the fighter opened up about how Christina has always been there for him since day one and has helped him in his journey to becoming a top UFC fighter.

From Childhood Friends To Lovers And All The Trouble In Between 

Christina posts a sweet birthday post for Jared on the occasion of his birthday in 2020
Source : instagram

Christina and Jared first crossed paths when they were in grade one. At the time, the two developed a small crush on each other but kept it to themselves until they reached 18.

A love story that seemed to be out of a rom-com, the two rarely made it to the end. Jared had fallen down the rabbit hole of taking painkillers as the injuries took a toll on his body.

Christina and Jared at Villa Woodbine in Miami in July 7, 2021 on a holiday trip before their marriage later in the year
Source : instagram

His addiction to the medicines had made him an addict, which then caused a downward spiral in his games as well as in his love life with Christina. The two broke up during their early 20s and at one point had lost connection for over four years.

But Christina came back into his life when Gordon had once again started looking for a purpose to live. She was behind him on his every step to recovery as he became hopeful to enter the octagon ring. 

Jared And Christina Tied The Knot in 2021

Christina and Jared tied the knot on October 29, 2021 in Miami, Florida
Source : instagram

The sporty couple tied the knot on October 29, 2021, and have since been the rock in each other’s lives. But before their marriage, Jared shared devastating news about their personal life after his fight against Chris Fishgold in 2020.

Christina had miscarried after being pregnant for ten weeks. The miscarriage happened two weeks before Jared’s fight,  but the UFC fighter had said he didn’t let the news affect him and his game.

Christina shared the photo of her and Jared on August 18, 2022 before his fight against Leonardo Santos
Source : instagram

The couple is always posting tributes for each other on their social media handle and are also active in following current trends. Christina shared the video of the couple doing the tortilla challenge in which the two slapped tortillas at each other’s faces.

Jared looked like the clear winner of the challenge as his partner couldn’t quite gather herself. The couple has a new addition to their family as they adopted a stray dog. 

Though Jared might have lost in his battle against Paddy Pimblet, the 34-year-old is clearly winning in his married life with his soul mate Christina.

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