Alycia Parks Parents Erica Parks And Michael Parks Coached Her From Childhood

Alycia Parks parents Erica Parks And Michael Parks started coaching her Tennis at the age of seven. Alycia was born in 2000.

The tennis player’s father is a former basketball player who trained his daughter to play Tennis when she was young. Likewise, her mother, a fashion designer, designed her tennis set ever since she began playing on the court.

Parks began playing the sport in elementary school, and she wanted to be a professional tennis player at age seven. The elder Parks helped nurture her skills to become one, and with his guidance, she made her WTA Tour debut at the 2021 MUSC Health Open. Moreover, she also has a sister, a businesswoman & entrepreneur, who helped to launch her clothing line.

Alycia Parks Parents Are Her Childhood Coach

Alycia Parks parents Erica Parks and Michael Parks started coaching her in 2007 at seven.

She was born on December 29, 2000, in Atlanta city of Georgia.

The athlete was always fond of playing outdoors and had a tennis court in her neighborhood. Her mom bought her the tennis racket and balls when she got all A’s in elementary school.

Alycia's father and mother were on a ride on February 23, 2017.
Source : instagram

Since then, she fell in love with tennis and wanted to pursue it professionally when she was seven. Furthermore, Alycia belongs to an athletic family, as her dad Michael was a professional basketball player. Thus, Parks grew up playing every sport.  

Moreover, the former basketball player was the one who got aware that her children had talent and a future in tennis when he saw them playing, so he began training his daughter to make her dream come true. Alycia has become a tennis star thanks to her family, who helped her grow into an incredible sportsperson.

Erica Parks Is A Fashion Designer

Erica is a fashion designer, as per her Instagram bio, and she designs her daughter’s tennis dresses.

Alycia loves flaunting her mom’s design while playing on the court.

Source : instagram

The elder Parks has shared many designs on her social media handles, including dresses, coats, jumpsuits, and more. She goes by the username @ejparks71.

Moreover, she has passed down her love for fashion to her children. Alycia has a clothing brand that offers athletic wear, jumpsuits & rompers, tops & blouse, bottoms, sets, and more. 

She also posted a video of surprising the tennis player with a new car, a Range Rover, in Christmas 2019. It was the athlete’s first car, and she was on cloud nine to have received the blessing.

Alycia’s Sister Mikayla Parks

Alycia is not a single child and has an older sister named Mikayla Parks, born in 1999.

Alycia is one year younger than Mikayla, who marked her 23rd birthday on the 22nd of July, 2022, whereas the athlete will turn 21 on the 31st of December, 2022.

Alycia and her sister, Mikayla Parks, are both budding fashion designers and entrepreneurs.
Source : instagram

The siblings grew up flaunting the outfits hemmed by their beloved mother and the designs they made. Thus, the older Parks walked in her mom’s footsteps to pursue her career as a fashion designer and helped create her sister’s fashion line ‘Alycia Mikay.’

Moreover, she studied Business Administration to become a successful entrepreneur and gain knowledge about the field for a bright future. The entrepreneur also has an Instagram account under the username @gabrielle_mikay.

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