Where Is Bridget Moretti Aka Bernadette Protti Now? Serial Killer Who Stabbed Kirsten Marina Costas Real Photos

Let’s discover the real-life photos of Bridget Moretti below in this article. Find out more about Kirsten Marina Costas’s murder by sticking with us.

Bridget Moretti is well-known for being Kirsten Costas’s killer. Additionally, Bernadette Protti, a classmate, killed Kristen, a high school student from the United States, in June 1984.

Arthur and Berit Costas were wealthy parents, much like Kristen. In addition, Kirsten Costas grew up with her brother Peter in the little Californian neighborhood of Orinda.

Find Bridget Moretti Real Life Photo

We can find real-life photos of Bridget Moretti on the official page of IMDb. Many people on the Internet are searching for her actual image on the Web.

Her many photos aren’t available on the Web. However, we have managed to gather some of her images.

Bridget Moretti allegedly started working as a nurse after being released from prison, where she had served more than seven years. Bridget presently avoids the spotlight and has a secluded life.

Where Is The Bernadette Protti Now?

For killing Kirsten Marina Costas with a knife, Bridget Moretti is notorious across the world. Moretti and Kristen shared the same class. Additionally, it took the police nearly six months to find Costas’ killer.

The maximum punishment for Bridget Moretti, also known as Bernadette Prott, was nine years, but she was freed on parole seven years later, in 1992, when she was 23. Meanwhile, Costas’ parents vehemently opposed Protti’s release.

After that, Bridget fled from California to Oklahoma and officially changed her name to Jeannette Butler. She then began a new nursing career without having to live with the shame of having committed a murder.

Similar to this, even after many years, people are still curious about where Moretti is. Moretti, meanwhile, hasn’t been in the news much lately. However, she could be living in Oregon with her husband and children.

About Bridget Moretti Husband

The spouse and children of Moretti have drawn criticism online.

However, the final 2020 survey, done on July 29, has shown that she is married.

Similar to Moretti, Jeanette Tomanka got her new name following her marriage.

However, Moretti hasn’t revealed the identity of her spouse. While moving to Oregon, Bridget and her husband also gave birth to a kid.

Why Did She Kill Kirsten Marina Costas?

Bridget Moretti, a fellow student, fatally stabbed Kirsten Costas when she was 15. As he sat in his car outside the Costas’ home, Arnold also saw Protti attack Costas.

Furthermore, Protti mistakenly believed he was watching a fistfight when he stabbed Costas with a butcher knife five times before fleeing.

The Costases’ neighbors also phoned an ambulance, but Kirsten died at a nearby hospital after sustaining terrible wounds.

It took the police close to six months to identify Costas’ killer. Protti also passed a lie detector test, although her denial was unfounded. Detectives also questioned Protti’s credibility as a liar after trying to confirm her alibi.

After communicating with an FBI agent who informed her that her arrest was imminent and that they knew she had killed Kirsten, Protti sent a letter to her mother in which she made a full confession.

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