Cade Mcnamara Brother Jake McNamara Is A Quarterback At UTEP

Cade McNamara has a QB brother Jake McNamara who is currently committed to UTEP. Cade has two athlete brothers, Jake and Kyle.

The siblings are all footballers with great potential and tough mindsets who chose to train like professionals since middle school under the guidance of their father. Gray McNamara is a former baseball player and an assistant coach at Nevada.

Cade plays a quarterback who formerly played for the Michigan Wolverines and decided to transfer at the end of the 2022 regular season. Likewise, his second brother Kyle plays as a wide receiver for UTEP Miners, and the youngest one, Jake, plays as a quarterback for UTEP.

Cade Mcnamara Has Two Brothers

Cade McNamara has two younger brothers, Jake McNamara and Kyle McNamara, who also plays American Football.

Jake and Kyle have walked in their older brother’s footsteps to become footballer players, as Cade was the first in the family to play football over baseball. They share a common love for sports and have committed to being the best version of themselves on the training and match field.

Cade Mcnamara with his brothers, Jake McNamara (r) and Kyle McNamara (l).
Source : instagram

Moreover, the siblings are each other’s biggest supporters. The former Michigan Wolverines quarterback is the proudest brother to have witnessed the younger ones grow into passionate, dedicated, and incredible athletes. 

Cade has made several posts on Instagram showing his love, pride, and encouragement to his siblings. He goes by the username @cademac.12, and the younger McNamaras are active under @jmac__6 and @1kylemcnamaramma.

Cade Mcnamara Brother Jake McNamara Is A UTEP QB

Cade McNamara’s brother Jake McNamara plays for UTEP as a quarterback, wearing jersey number 6.

McNamara played his high school career for Page HS and chose to play his collegiate career for UTEP over the offers from Colorado State, Utah State, and Eastern Kentucky. He previously committed to play for Colorado State but chose UTEP instead.

Cade Mcnamara with his brother Jake McNamara who plays as a 5 feet and 11 inches tall quarterback for UTEP.
Source : instagram

Furthermore, the athlete is a pro-style three-star recruit from the 2022 signing class, and he finished his senior season completing 60% of his passes for 3,581 yards and 43 touchdowns in eight interceptions.

Moreover, Jake led Page to the Class 5A Championship game, and he has a lot of similarities with his brother. The former Michigan Wolverines quarterback has stated that he sees a lot of himself while his sibling plays, as their throwing motions are very similar, and watching him play always puts a smile on his face.

Cade Mcnamara Brother Kyle McNamara Is A Wide Receiver

Cade McNamara’s brother Kyle McNamara is also an athlete playing as 5 feet and 11 inches tall wide receiver for UTEP Miners.

Kyle played his sophomore and junior years at Damonte Ranch High School and moved to Lipscomb Academy before his senior years. Furthermore, he led the Mustangs to a combined 23-3 record and was named First Team All-Nevada as a junior.

Unlike Jake, Cade Mcnamara's second brother Kyle McNamara is a wide receiver,
Source : instagram

The wide receiver became the captain of his new teammates after only two months of joining Lipscomb Academy. He also got accoladed as Tennessee Middle Region Offensive Player of the Year. Before transferring to Western Kentucky, the athlete also spent one season as a Michigan walk-on.

Moreover, Cade once dedicated an Ingram post to the younger McNamara, revealing how proud he is to have the toughest brother who broke his collarbone and kept it a secret from everyone so that he could stay on the field for the rest of his senior year.

Cade Mcnamara And His Siblings Belongs To Athletic Family

Cade McNamara and his siblings hail from an athletic family, as their dad, Gary McNamara, is a former baseball player.

Gray is a San Francisco Bay-area native who played baseball at Fresno State as the starting center fielder in 1992 and 1993. Later, he coached high school and college baseball in Nevada for over 20 years.

Cade Mcnamara has always been grateful to his father, Gary McNamara, for his guidance and support.
Source : instagram

Thus, the elder McNamara practically raised his sons in fields and dugouts and prepared them for their future. Furthermore, he initially encouraged his eldest son to play baseball as an infielder and pitcher but never pressured him to follow his path.

After watching the younger McNamaras’ big futures in football, the former athlete took his family from Nevada to Franklin, Tenn, to help them have better careers. Moreover, he supported his children’s choice as middle schoolers to train like professionals and played a vital role in their development as athletes.

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