Chad Gable Wife Kristi Betts Is A Senior Manager At Protiviti

Chad Gable and his wife Kristi Betts have been married for eleven years. Chad and Kristi are parents to three children.

The American professional wrestler, currently obliged to the WWE Raw brand, Chad and his spouse Kristi have been together for two decades. The lovely couple began dating in 2002.

Charles Betts, famous under the ring name Chad Gable in WWE, resides in Florida with his lovely partner and their three kids. Gable is a four-time WWE tag team champion and a father of three.

The 36-year-old WWE star tied the wedding knot with his long-term partner Kristi in 2011, which was a blessing for his professional wrestling career as he was qualified for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London a year after his marriage.

On Saturday, December 10, Gable interrupted the in-ring celebration of WWE legend Kurt Angle‘s birthday after being sent away from the backroom celebrations. Angle was booted out of the ring by Gable.

Chad Gable And Kristi Betts Married Life

Chad Gable married Kristi Oliver Betts in 2011 following their nine years of relationship.

Chad and Kristi met twenty years ago, in 2002, at the Chas RVD Wrestling tournament. Back then, there was no abundance of social media like today, and people communicate online through limited messaging applications.

AOL Instant Messenger was very popular among youth during the early 2000s when there was no Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. 16-year-old Chad asked Kristi out one day through the app and thus began their lifelong voyage.

Chad Gable and Kristi Betts were married in 2011 after dating for more than nine years.
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When they first met, Chad was sixteen, and Kristi was only twelve. They began dating in 2002, and she has been his no.1 supporter. She would motivate him whenever he had a bad day and encourage him to win the next fight.

After dating for nine years, the pair decided to push their relationship further, and on June 19, 2011, Betts and Oliver officially became husband and wife.

WWE star Chad Gable uploaded a picture of him with his partner Kristi when they started dating in 2002..
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Minnesota native Gable uploaded a post on his Instagram on their 10th wedding anniversary last year on June 19, where he remembered every detail of their relationship.

With a picture of Chad and Kristi taken when they first started, the WWE star penned a long caption reminiscing how the two met for the first time, started dating, got married, and are now parents of three exceptional children. 

Chad Gable with his spouse Kristi and two daughters Clay and Meadow Ann.
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The Senior Manager at Protiviti, Kristi, attended the same high school and college as Chad. She became pregnant with his first child in 2016. They further went on to have two more children.

However, the couple is not much open about their relationship on social media. Gable has only uploaded a few pictures of Kristi and a hand full of images of his kids on Instagram, whereas his spouse, is absent from social networking sites.

Chad Gable Wife Kristi Betts Works At Protiviti

Chad Gable wife Kristi Betts serves as a senior manager at Protiviti with a degree in Accounting.

Betts is a graduate of Northern Michigan University with a financial planning and accounting degree. She has been working at Protiviti for almost nine years. She joined the global Business Consulting and Servicing agency in May 2014 as a senior consultant.

The Menlo Park, California-based consulting enterprise helps executives confront the future confidently by providing deep experience, unbiased insights, a customized strategy, and unmatched cooperation.

Chad Gable spouse Kristi Betts is a Senior Manager at Protiviti.
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According to her Linkedin profile, Mrs Betts worked as a senior consultant in the business for a year and became a manager of the firm in July 2015. She was promoted to senior manager in January 2018 and has been serving the Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul region for five years. 

Born on August 30, 1990, in Minnesota, Kristi came to the spotlight as the spouse of Chad Gable after he received recognition in the wrestling arena with WWE. He signed an agreement with the wrestling promotion WWE in 2013.

Kristi Betts and Chad Gable both attended the same high school and same university as she graduated with accounting degree from Northern Michigan University.
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Following the start of their relationship in 2002, the pair have been with each other in almost every aspect of their lives. Chad and Kristi both attended Minnesota high school, and she stayed with him as he chased down the Olympic dream in 2012.

Later they both enrolled at Northern Michigan University to complete their undergraduate education. She moved in with him in Colorado and then relocated to Florida after he signed with WWE.

The mother of three, Betts, was working as an Audit Senior at Deloitte during that time. She left the company when she moved to Florida with her husband, Chad. She was then hired at Protiviti. 

Kristi Betts Is A Mother Of Three

Kristi Betts is a proud mother of three kids and the family currently nestles in Florida.

Clay Betts, Meadow Ann Betts, and Charles James Betts are among the three kids the WWE star and Kristi share.

Aside from her successful profession as an accounting head and finance manager, Kristi is a homemaker, a partner and a mother.

2016 saw the birth of their daughter Clay Betts, the couple’s first child. They welcomed Meadow Ann Betts into the world on January 24, 2018, as their second child. And finally, baby boy Charles James Betts was born in 2019, according to Wrestle Talk.

The oldest of their kid Clay is six years old, their second daughter, Meadow, is four, and their son Charles James is three years old by now.

“To the girl who has supported me without hesitation since 2002 and has given me the three most beautiful children one guy could ever ask for.” Gable wrote in an Instagram post on their 10th wedding anniversary.

Chad Gable has three kids with his partner Kristi and the young one is a son named Charles James Betts born in 2019.
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However, Gable and Betts are not very public about their relationship and prefer to keep their distance from media outlets. Kristi is not very active on social media, and Chad, who has more than 350K followers on Instagram, is coy about sharing their relationship moments with the general public.

As a result, his Instagram does not have many pictures of his partner Kristi. Regardless, Chad has uploaded a few snaps of his kids. In August 2018, he posted a cute picture of his son Charles.

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