Chase Claypool Parents Jasmine Claypool And John Mensah

Chase Claypool parents Jasmine Claypool and John Mensah were equally involved in raising their son. Jasmine and John raised two sons.

Chase would play football with his brothers Joey and Jacob Carvery, while growing up in British Columbia, Canada. It was Jacob who helped Chase earn his big break in the footballing scene. 

The wide receiver had a strong start to his NFL career, breaking records in his first weeks with the Pittsburgh Steelers, but since then, it hasn’t been an enjoyable ride for the 24-year-old.

Currently, with Chicago Bears, many analysts are saying the Steelers have done daylight robbery, letting the Bears trade their no.32 overall for the 2023 NFL draft. But the young player still has the belief of his general manager, Ryan Pole, who said he doesn’t regret the trade.

It is to be seen whether the boy from Canada can live up to the hype and expectations the fans had set for him when he first made a breakthrough in 2020. 

Chase Claypool Mother Jasmine And Father John Are Divorced

Chase Claypool parents Jasmine Claypool and John Mensah are divorced but were equally present in his life.

Claypool, the youngest of five siblings, grew up in British Colombia, Canada. The 24-year-old didn’t have the best childhood growing up. Though he said in an interview his family wasn’t poor, there were times when they would rely on food stamps. 

Not every divorced couple has a unique dynamic like Jasmine and John. The two did their best to help him achieve his dreams and fulfill his potential. 

Chase Gifted His Father John Mensah A Truck

Chase, who runs a YouTube channel, posted a video surprising his mother and father with two brand-new cars. The wide receiver who had always dreamt about the moment first surprised his mother with a jeep and later brought out a truck for his dad.

In the beginning, John thinks that his son had only prepared a gift for his mother, but later while the two are clicking photos, a truck appears in the background, which catches John by surprise. 

Chase Claypool pictured with his father John Mensah when he was in high school in 2014
Source : instagram

Though John didn’t live under the same roof as Chase, there wasn’t a day he would miss his son’s football games. He would run frantically up and down the pitch and shout at the coaches, instructing them to give Chase the ball. 

In 2021, John was seen handing out medals to the young football players of Atom Football. In every young player, John probably sees his son, who once was as excited as them to play the game. 

Jasmine Claypool  Worked As A Concession Operator 

Chase Claypool mother Jasmine Claypool works as a Licensed Real Estate Agent in Greater Vancouver BC.

When Chase decided to join the University of Notre Dame, Jasmine decided to sell her apartment and tagged along with him. At the time, she worked as a concession operator in the carnival circuit. She would create spreadsheets to help him narrow down the colleges he was getting football offers from. 

However, there was a time when Jasmine tried to stray her son away from the sport. She believed Chase was too young to play the sport at seven. Ultimately, she gave up and let her son do what he loved the most.

Chase Claypool hugs his mom after he win the game with University of Notre Dame
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Jasmine later married Palmer Carvery, who was as supportive as he could be toward Chase. Palmer said in an interview that there were parents who would be unhappy seeing Chase get more game time than their kids, but the game was the game, and Chase was the best at it. 

His mom, Jasmine, is available on Instagram with the username @jasmineclaypool

Chase Claypool Family

Chase Claypool grew up in a mixed ethnic family in Canada with four siblings.

Chase lived with his mom, Jasmine Claypool and his step-dad Palmer Carvery. His dad John Mensah would always be present to help his son hone his footballing skills. He grew up alongside three brothers, including two step-brothers and a sister. 

The footballer has conceded that if it weren’t for his supportive mom and dad, he wouldn’t have made it this far. It wasn’t just the people who were related by blood that helped him achieve his dreams but the ones who helped him navigate through dark times.

Chase Claypool family are all decked up in Pittsburgh Steelers gear as they cheer from him from their hometown in Canada
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But a tragedy hit the Claypool family when Chase was 13. Chase lost his sister, Ashley, who committed suicide. Only a few days before the incident, Chase had talked with his sister and had given her a warm hug as he saw her across the street. 

The loss had Chase in disarray for a long time, and that is when his coaches came to help him. Coach Khul is a big part of Chase’s life and is treated like a part of the family. Jasmine took the help of coach Khul to help Chase to come out from the dark phase. 

After graduating high school, Chase got a tattoo on his right arm to honor his late sister, a poem promising they would meet again. 

Chase Claypool Brothers

Chase Claypool grew up alongside three brothers including two stepbrothers. 

Chase’s brother, Joey Claypool, and stepbrother, Jacob Carvery, would let their younger sibling play football with them. Carvery said Chase was jacked from a young age. Though Chase was younger than them, he wouldn’t ease down with trash talks.

Chase Claypool pictured with his brother Jacob Carvery at the Nightingale Prestige of Beverly Hills in 2021
Source : instagram

It was Jacob that drew the attention of coaches toward his younger brother. Jacob, a footballer at the University of British Columbia, would post highlights of Chase’s game on his Facebook handle. 

It was through the video posted by Jacob that Eddie Ferg learned of Chase. He then got Chase in contact with Division I football programs, after which the scholarship offers poured in for him.

Jacob currently manages his little brother and runs the website Team Claypool. He is now and then in Chase’s YouTube videos, and if it weren’t for the belief he had in his younger sibling, it probably wouldn’t have been much of a simple journey for Chase and his footballing dreams. 

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