Chris Archer Girlfriend Marina Meyjes Is A Dancer

Chris Archer girlfriend Marina Meyjes is a dancer at RAE Model And Talent Agency. Chris and Marina have been dating for three years.

The couple has resided in Tampa and Minneapolis over the past couple of years, thanks to Archer playing for a couple of different teams in that time frame. 

Marina prefers to show her talent in dancing and modeling, while Archer has established himself as a well-decorated athlete.

He is currently a free-agent American pitcher who plays professional baseball. He has participated in MLB games with the Minnesota Twins, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Tampa Bay Rays. The Cleveland Indians selected the Raleigh native in the fifth round of the 2006 MLB draft. 

The 34-year-old made his MLB debut in 2012 after being traded to the Chicago Cubs and, subsequently, the Rays. Archer was picked for the MLB All-Star Games in 2015 and 2017.

Chris Archer Girlfriend Marina Meyjes

Chris Archer girlfriend Marina Meyjes graduated from UCLA in 2021. Marina lived in Los Angeles during her college.

Meyjes is of English nationality and has a twin sister. The 25-year-old  was born and raised in England. However, she relocated to America to continue her studies and pursue her dancing career.

Marina is featured on the official site of raeagency. Standing at 5’4, the green-eyed and brown-haired beauty is one of the hottest WAGS in baseball.

Marina is a model and dancer at RAE Model & Talent Agency.
Source : facebook

Marina majored in history during college at UCLA, a public land-grant research university. She includes modern, medieval, and ancient history as her expertise. Moreover, she has gained significant knowledge of Renaissance history.

Based on a Tweet by Prior Park College in December 2016, Marina starred as Alice in a dance adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, San Francisco. She had a gap year in 2016 and decided to utilize it to follow her passion for dancing.

Although she has never played sports like her boyfriend, she has seen success in modeling and dancing. She raised in prominence after dating the 34-year-old baseball pitcher. 

Meyjes graduated from UCLA in 2021.
Source : facebook

The couple has maintained a strong relationship considering they have a decent age gap of nine years. The English dancer and model is 25, born on April 15, 1997. Similarly, her boyfriend is 34, born on September 26, 1988.

On her 22nd birthday, Archer posted a picture of the couple on April 15, 2019, to wish Marina in special day and thank her for being with him.

Marina Meyjes Is Present On Social Media

Marina Meyjes is a budding model with a sizeable following on social media platforms.

Meyjes is available on Instagram under the handle @marinameyjes, with nearly three thousand followers. After Marina graduated from UCLA in 2021 with a degree in history, she is currently back in England as a student at Cambridge.

Marina posing for her modeling agency in December 2017.
Source : facebook

Moreover, she also has a Facebook account under the social media handle @Marina Meyjes. Her Facebook bio states that she is an RAE Model & Talent Agency dancer. 

She has been using this account since 2012 but has not recently posted any pictures or videos. Her most recent update dates back to October 2020. Her photos suggest that she has been into dancing for a long time. According to one of her posts from 2016, she participated in the Pridelands training program with studio mix and Feliciano Ortiz. 

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