Who Are Christi Panagio Children? TV Presenter Husband Nico Panagio Details

Many fans of Actress Christi Panagio are willing to know about her children. In this article, let’s learn about the Actress’s children, her husband, and her series 7de Laan.

Christi Panagio was born in South Africa on Thursday, November 3, 1977. Christi Panagio is her given name, but everyone calls her Christi.
Panagia is currently 44 years old, and her 45th birthday is in 71 days. 

Panagio is well known for her role as Karien Momberg in the South African series 7de Laan. She is also married to Nico Panagio, a fellow soap star and Survivor of South Africa.

Furthermore, Actress has kept her personal life information private from the internet like other celebrities. She had revealed only a little data to the public.

Who Is Christi Panagio Children?

Famous Actress Christi Panagio has adopted two children.

Christi Panagio Adopted Daughter Eva And Shay. However Both Couple Have Not Yet Revealed Their Children Identity
Source : instagram

However, we dig deep to find out her children’s information on the internet and social media, but currently, there is little data available. It looks like she wants to hide her children’s information from the public.

Christi seems to be a caring mother, having adopted two children to care for them. Many of her fans think she is currently single; it is just rumored.
The actress is living happily with her two children. For several years, the couple tried to conceive and decided to adopt.

Furthermore, Pangio adopted two girls named Eva and Shay. As of 2022, she gives their children a beautiful lifestyle with a good education.

Who Is Christi Panagio Husband Nico Panagio?

Christi Pangio is married to her supportive husband, Nico Pangio.

Christi Panagio Going For Trek With His Caring Husband
Source : instagram

Cape Town Local actress Christi Pangio shared the sweetest message to survivor SA host Nico Pangio on their 12th marriage anniversary.

Christi said on Instagram to her husband: “We’ve been facing the world together for 18 years, and today marks our 12th wedding anniversary. You have blessed in God’s kingdom; a real gentleman; a (closet) stand-up comic; a reservoir of knowledge and wisdom, a philanthropist; a talented artist; a natural entertainer; a phenomenal provider; a silly, playful yet insanely adored Super-Dad; and most importantly, a man of honor. Thank you for considering me.

The couple met at theatre school in 1998 and later co-starred in the Afrikaans soap opera 7de Laan.

According to IMDb, Nico Panagio is a South African-born actor, writer, and producer of Greek heritage. Nico has been in the entertainment sector for almost two decades, appearing in several theatre performances, television dramas, and blockbuster feature films.

Is Christi Panagio Leaving The Series?

As of 2022, no official news related to Christi Panagio 7de Laan leaving the series.

Many of her fans had heard rumors that she would leave the series because of some controversies. However, all of these rumors are fake.

The actress shares most of her personal life information through her Instagram account. She might have posted the news on her Instagram account if she was leaving the 7de Laan series. 

Christi Panagio is currently on Instagram with nake, aka Christi. panagio. As of August 24, 2022, she has 83.2k followers, 353 followings, and 1,294 Instagram posts. Her recent post was uploaded on August 21.

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