Who Is Collier Landry Sister Elizabeth? Mother Noreen Boyle And Family Story

The Boyles adopted Elizabeth when she was a toddler. Her mother was murdered when she was three years old by her father.

The impact of Noreen Boyle’s murder on her extended family is one of the most devastating traumas revealed in the true-crime documentary A Murder In Mansfield.

Collier Landry, her son, was placed in foster care, and Elizabeth, Collier Landry’s sister, was eventually adopted by a different family who did not want the two siblings to keep in contact.

Who Is Collier Landry Sister Elizabeth? Wikipedia

Elizabeth’s absence in A Murder In Mansfield makes her a noticeable presence. Elizabeth was born in Taiwan and was adopted by the Boyles when she was just a toddler. Her mother was murdered when she was three years old by her father.

And, as Collier adds, he’s almost convinced that Elizabeth was in the bed with Noreen when Jack Boyle murdered her, given his family’s normal sleeping arrangements.


Collier Landry’s sister Elizabeth does not appear in the film, except brief family history and a scene in which Collier phones the only number he has and leaves a message indicating he’d love to meet with her.

He was asked if he had been able to contact her and if she had just rejected to go on camera. Regrettably, the answers to both inquiries were negative.

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Collier Landry Mother Noreen Boyle & Parents Story On Podcast

Collier Landry has lived through a murder, unlike other true-crime podcast broadcasters who simply analyze killings that fascinate them.

Collier’s father, Dr. John Jack Boyle, murdered his mother, Noreen Boyle, on Dec. 31, 1989, when he was 11 years old, and buried her in a crypt beneath their new house’s basement. It wasn’t until January 1990 that her body was discovered. The case was dubbed Crime of the Century in Mansfield, Ohio, and spawned a Forensic Files episode in 2000, a documentary in 2018, and now Landry’s own podcast.

Landry has a lot to think about. His elegant, popular mother’s death put in motion a chain of events that included near-orphanhood and permanent separation from his infant sister, a star turn as a prosecution witness, and the death of his elegant, popular mother.

Landry and listeners who are dealing with betrayal and tragedy in their own lives can use Moving Past Murder as therapy and healing.

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Collier Landry’s Wife And Personal Life

Nicole Alexander, Collier Boyle’s girlfriend, is his current love interest. She works as a filmmaker, director, editor, and producer in the industry. Nicole is also the founder of the commercial filming business Hashtag You’re It.

Despite the fact that Collier, a Los Angeles-based cinematographer, has detailed every aspect of his life-altering tragic occurrence, he has yet to discuss his romantic life.

At that point, he is said to be dating Nicole Alexander, with whom he has previously collaborated on a short fashion video.

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