White House Security Council Joshua Geltzer Wikipedia and Career Highlights

As per Wikipedia, Joshua Geltzer formerly worked at New America as an ASU Future of War fellow and an International Security Program fellow. More details about him in the article below.

In his new role as special assistant to the President and Homeland Security advisor, Professor Geltzer will supervise the National Security Council’s evaluation of policy to ascertain if the government can better share data or take other steps to minimize the danger of domestic violent extremism.

He also has a LinkedIn account where he lists his professional experience and talents.

Wikipedia Biography Of Joshua Geltzer

Joshua Geltzer, according to his Wikipedia biography, served as Senior Director for Counterterrorism on the National Security Council staff for 2 years, having previously served on the National Security Council as Deputy Legal Adviser.

Geltzer earned his J.D. from Yale Law School and his Ph.D. in Conflict Studies from King’s College London, in which he was a Marshall Scholar.

He is the author of Routledge’s al-Qaeda: Signaling, US Counter-Terrorism Strategy, and the Terrorist World-View, and his work has been featured in a variety of professional and popular venues, including The Atlantic, Defense One, Foreign Policy, and many more.

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Find Out The Age Of Joshua Geltzer

Joshua Geltzer is currently 39 years old and was born in the years 1983–1984. 

Geltzer is also a member of the American Law Institute, the American Bar Association’s Rule of Law Initiative board, and the Hostage US board of directors.

Joshua was appointed Special Assistant to the President and Special Advisor to the Domestic Security Advisor on Countering Internal Violent Extremism in the Biden administration.

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Find Out The Net Worth Of Joshua Geltzer

The expected net worth of Joshua Geltzer is more than $1 million. 

The average salary of Biden administration officers is $120k, so we are assuming Joshua is earning a minimum of that amount annually.

Joshua Geltzer is also an author, which is also a source of income for Joshua and also contributes to his worth.

Facts On The White House Council

The White House council consists of senior staff members appointed by the president of the USA whose responsibility is to assist the president with all legal problems pertaining to the president and his administration.

The council is also in charge of the Office of White House Counsel, a group of lawyers and support employees that give legal advice to the president and also the White House Office.

The Office of Counsel to the President and Vice President was established in 1943 and is responsible for advising on all legal aspects of policy questions, as well as legal issues arising from the President’s decision to sign or veto legislation, financial disclosures, ethical questions, and conflicts of interest during post-employment and employment.

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