CrossFit Star Dani Speegle Broke It Off With Boyfriend Alex Gordon, A Look At Her Dating Life

Dani Speegle, a bodybuilder and CrossFit athlete, was dating her trainer boyfriend Alex Gordon. The pair met in 2017 and eventually split in 2020.

Since her breakup, she has been laser-focused on her career ahead.

Danie Elle Speegle is a fitness model who competes in professional-level CrossFit games and tournaments.

Dannie started participating in the games in September 2015. Since then, she has been shredding her body, maintaining her diet, and doing regular workouts. 

She has been part of multiple open Crossfit championships yearly and national and international sponsored events.

She is also a solo performer during street events and freestyle competitions. 

Speegle is also a fitness model who photoshoots for events. Her recent Halloween pictures were one of the latest vibes on Instagram.

Dani Speegle Broke It Off With Ex Boyfriend Alex Gordon

Dani Speegle was previously in a relationship with the Cross Fit Athlete Alex Gordon. They separated after Easter in April 2020.

Dani Speegle and Alex Gordon met for the first time in 2017 during an CrossFit event.
Source : instagram

Speegle and Alex were introduced in 2017 during a CrossFit workout event. They remained friends for months before officially dating.

Dani was first photographed with Gordon in CrossFit Kings Point on February 13, 2017. Then, they were close friends and gym partners.

Speegle and Gordon were official about their dating life on Instagram.
Source : instagram

Alex later became Dani’s trainer, and eventually, they became a couple. The duo often shared photos on Instagram training and spent time together.

They were always together during family events and traveled around enjoying vacations.

Dani Speegle was close to Alex's family and went to Hawaii together in new year.
Source : instagram

Dani was close to Alex’s family, parents, and siblings, as she was part of the gang. They once went to Hawaii and tagged Dani in a family photo, “Happy New Year From The Gordons.”

Speegle also wished Alex his birthday through an Instagram tribute photo on January 11, 2019.

Speegle posted a tribute for Alex's birthday on January 11.
Source : instagram

Alex is just as hardworking and famous a CrossFit athlete as Dani; he is one of the best in the business. Gordon has also been a trainer for many athletes competing professionally.

In the 2022 national tournament, Alex Gordon achieved the 1458th position and 674th in his region. In the coming days, we may get a chance to see the Athlete in a top place, as he is training hard.

Is Dani Speegle Married? Best Friend Alec’s Wedding

Despite being close to Alex Gordon’s family, Dani Speegle has never been married. They dated for years and even lived together.

Speegle is more like a free spirit person who likes to enjoy her workout routine and focus more on her body. She has not given much thought to weddings and walking down the aisle.

The Athlete follows a proper diet plan, workouts, and weight lifting to focus on her body improvement. Typically Dani trains her body 5 to 6 days a week and spends 3 to 5 hours in the gym.

Furthermore, Dani has impressive strength in comparison to other athletes. She can lift to 310 lbs for a deadlift and has a max pull-up range of around 30 reps.

Dani's best friend Alec is a LGBTQ member and proposed his boyfriend on July 20.
Source : instagram

Dani does enjoy parties as she awaits the wedding of one of her closest friends, Alec Smith. Alec is also a CrossFit star and a trainer who is openly an LGBTQ member.

Alec proposed to his longtime boyfriend, Riley Joe, on July 20 during a hiking trip. He went down on his knees in front of the lake, and the moment was picture-perfect.

Dani was the first to congratulate them on their story and journey so far.

Dani Speegle is waiting for her best friend's wedding party.
Source : instagram

Speegle and Alec are just close friends and have been for a long time. Some fans speculate on their relationship, but they have never dated. She did remember his birthday with an Ig post on September 17, 2022.

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