Who Is Denise Pessana? Llamas de Madariaga Family Facts You Didn’t Know

Denise Pessana is an Argentina who earns a living as a journalist. She also contributes to the news program on Canal America.

Enrique Llamas de Madariaga, a journalist and husband of Denise Pessana forgoes a high standard of living in favor of intoxication and exposure to television. But they remained persistent in their commercial endeavors.

Denise Pessana Wikipedia And Biografia

Argentina-born Denise Pessana is a well-known celebrity. She works as a journalist for a living. She also contributes to the Canal America newscast.

Her publications include Dream News magazine Inversiones Inmobiliaria, a journal devoted to real estate movements and new trends.

The magazine is a part of a broader Pessana initiative that also includes a website for marketing the purchase, sale, or rental of real estate, as well as guidance for those who choose to live in Punta del Este, and, of course, a considerable amount of news on the sector each day.

Denise is active with FM Millenium and is still moving more leisurely and amiable.

Currently, Uruguay, in general, and Punta del Este, in particular, have arisen as an oasis in the heart of global upheaval owing to the pandemic in the same manner.

She did more than ten years ago. Pessana’s book is a valuable resource for individuals who want to improve their quality of life.

Find Denise Pessana Edad

Since she has been married for more than ten years, Denise Pessana appears to be in her mid-40s.


Her age can also be estimated from her photo, albeit this cannot be guaranteed accurate because it is liable to vary.

Her Instagram account is also secret, which has made it difficult to get to know her better personally.

Who Is Denise Pessana Married Too?

Denise Pessana, an Argentine journalist, is married to Enrique Llamas de Madariaga, another journalist. More than ten years ago, they moved to Punta del Este.

Due to the harassment and threats, the journalist canceled his radio show and relocated to Uruguay with his wife.

Before that, he finished his studies at Colegio Ward and enrolled at the University of Buenos Aires, where he participated actively in the Radio Workshop. He created TV programs for the German, Chinese, and American markets.

The young lady he co-hosted the Canal América news show with, Pestana, is now based in Punta del Este, Uruguay. They were married, worked at Radio Rivadavia, and then moved there.

They also discovered the joy that comes from the peninsula’s natural beauty. They traded their quality of life for lightheadedness and televised exposure. But they never gave up on the company.

Additionally, the couple enjoys their work and the tranquility of their East Asian home while listening to radio shows on FM Millenium.

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