Meet Derek Jeter Kids – 3 Daughters Story Grey, Bella Raine and River Rose Jeter

Former MLB player Derek Jeter’s three daughters are the biggest motivation for his life. 

Derek Jeter is a famous former professional baseball player known for his position as a shortstop. He has played for Major League Baseball (MLB) for two decades of his life. 

Throughout his baseball career, he became 14 times All-star, five times World Series champion, five times Gold Glove Award winner, and whatnot. At the time, he was prominent for becoming one of the most marketed athletes. 

Soon, his popularity peaked, and the public attention shifted toward his family members, mainly his daughters, to whom he loved the moon and back. 

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Meet Derek Jeter Kids With His Wife

Derek Jeter is a former baseball player, baseball executive, and businessman who married his wife, Hannah Davis, and shared three kids with her. 

The couple got hitched in July 2016, after getting engaged in 2015. They have been together for a long time and have three adorable daughters named Story Grey, Bella Raine, and River Rose Jeter. 

Former baseball player entered into parenthood with a famous model Hannah in 2017, when they welcomed their first little girl into the family. Those three children have been their life and motivation to move forward. 

He previously talked about his beautiful parenthood journey with his partner. The former player once commented, “I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been blessed to have two beautiful daughters and I’m looking forward to seeing them grow each and every day.”

In the following years, he added, “By far the most gratifying thing I’ve ever been a part of; Regardless of how your day went at work when you get home, and you see a smile on your daughter’s face, it makes it all worthwhile.”

More On Derek Jeter 3 Daughters Story Grey, Bella Raine, And River Rose Jeter  

Derek Jeter has three daughters in his life named Story Grey, Bella Raine, and River Rose Jeter. The three little girls have been a blessing for him and his wife in the family. 

Bella Rain was born in August 2017 and has reached four years old. She is the eldest daughter and the first-born of the family. 

Story Grey was welcomed to the world in January 2019 and is currently three years of age. She is the mid-child and a year younger than Bella. 

His third daughter River Rose came into this world in December 2021. She is the youngest family member and will reach a year on her coming birthday. 

Derek Jeter 2022 Net Worth As He Lives Lavish Life With Family

Derek Jeter estimated net worth as of 2022 is around $200 million, as per Celebrity Net Worth. He is a former baseball star, businessman, and also baseball executive. 

His expected salary is roughly $30 million, and he has earned approximately $265 in his baseball career. He invested in the Miami Marlins in 2017 with another investor group. 

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