Diana Matheson And Partner Anastasia Bucsis Are Engaged

Diana Matheson partner Anastasia Bucsis is a former Canadian speed skater. Matheson and Bucsis were engaged last year.

The 38-year-old former soccer player from Canada Diana, and Anastasia have been together for a few years. Their first picture together was uploaded by Bucsis in October 2019.

On December 2, 2021, Matheson’s girlfriend, a two times Olympian, shared a photo of the two of them on Instagram, kissing her on the top of her head and the caption says, “I get to marry my best friend.”

Thus, it is official that Diana, the Olympic medalist, and Anastasia, a sportscaster for CBC sports are engaged and planning for their wedding, which is happening very soon. 

On Monday, November 5, former Canada women’s national team duo Diana Matheson and Christine Sinclair unveiled their ambitions to launch a domestic professional women’s league in 2025 with eight teams around the country.

Diana Matheson And Partner Anastasia Bucsis Are Engaged

Diana Matheson and her partner Anastasia Bucsis announced their happy engagement through an Instagram post.

Co-Founder and CEO of Project 8 Sports, Diana, and her girlfriend Anastasia made it official that the two former Canadian sports players have vowed to be one another’s for life.

Matheson shows an engagement ring on her finger as Bucsis kisses on her forehead.
Source : instagram

Last year on the second day of December, public speaker Anastasia revealed on her Instagram post that she and Diana are engaged and are planning their grand wedding. A few days ago, on December 2, the pair celebrated their first engagement anniversary. 

Besides being a sports analyst and tv host, Bucsis, a Toronto resident, is also a fervent advocate of causes related to mental health, the eradication of homophobia in sports, and the sharing of athletes’ experiences.

According to Zola, Diana and Anastasia have reportedly sealed the date and venue of their weddings. They plan to tie the wedding knot on August 31, 2023, in #White Raven Venue & Retreat, Missoula.

Matheson and Anastasia Bucsis sun kissed photo at Playa Blanca.
Source : instagram

Located in northwestern Montana on an exquisite mountain plateau, the venue is perfect for them to mark the big step in their relationship. Since the #White Raven building is enormous, one can articulate that the event and celebration will also be tremendous, with hundreds of guests.

Diana Matheson And Anastasia Bucsis Relationship

Matheson and partner Bucsis relationship turned out for the better following their engagement.

They were engaged last year in December and planning their wedding next year on August 31, 2023. After running so much in their lives, the two retired athletes are now attempting to settle down and have families.

Anastasia Bucsis And Diana Matheson First Photo In 2019

Anastasia and Diana uploaded a picture on their Instagram on October 1, 2019. It is their first-ever picture together on social media.

Diana Matheson and Anastasia Bucsis uploaded her first photo in October of 2019.
Source : instagram

However, the pictures they both shared are not the same. Former speed skater Anastasia uploaded a photo of the pair posing together atop a rock in the #Dead Horse Point Overlook park close to the Colorado River.

They were both in their shorts, and Diana had goggles on her head. Meanwhile, Anastacia was wearing an Adidas-sponsored top. On the other hand, Diana uploaded a photo of Arches National Park in Utah state. The only thing common beside them in those pictures are rocky mountains in the background.

Anastasia And Diana Attended RBC Olympian

According to the Linkedin profiles of both Diana and Anastasia, they both partake in RBC Olympian. Diana started in 2019 and left in 2021, while her future wife, who has been there since 2015, is still working there. They both likely met during the celebrity recent for the first time. 

Playing Beach Volleyball At Sandbanks Park

On September 30, 2020, the former executive director of the Canadian Soccer Players Association posted a picture of them playing beach volleyball at Sandbanks Provincial Park.

Diana Matheson and Anastasia Bucsis playing 1v1 beach volleyball at Sandbanks Provincial Park in September 2020.
Source : instagram

Anastasia, who is incredibly tall compared to Diana, about 10 ft taller, stands at 5 feet and 10 inches compared to Diana, who is only 5 feet. Diana had to leap in order to reach the same position on her girlfriend’s palm, demonstrating the height disparity in this image.

Celebrating Birthdays And Festivals

Born on April 6, 1984, Matheson celebrates her birthday every year on April 6. However, since she has been with Bucsis, she has got company and celebrates with her. 

Anastasia wished her a wonderful birthday last year on Instagram. “Happy birthday to my best friend and landlord. I am the luckiest human in the world to do life with you. ” And this year, she did not miss posting on Diana’s birthday either. The couple was in Amsterdam, Netherlands, at that time of the year.

Former soccer player Diana Matheson and her fiancee Anastasia Bucsis dressed up for Halloween party last October.
Source : instagram

Moreover, Valentine’s day is a special day for these love birds. They never cease to go on an adventure together. Besides, Halloween also is something they would celebrate together but with a bit of creepiness to vibe with the festival.

Anastasia And Diana Went Fishing At Craig

Anastasia And Diana, two avid adventure lovers, went fishing in Montana in September 2022 on the Labour Day weekend.

The former soccer player took a few days off to spend time with her fiancee Anastasia. They went to a fishing zone in Craig, where they tried to catch some fish for dinner. Both seemed the utmost happy and fun fishing.

Anastasia Previously Dated Char­line Labonte

Diana Matheson girlfriend Anastasia Bucsis dated ice hockey player Char­line Labonte in the past.

Bucsis, who came out in 2013 at Calgary Pride, revealed that she was in a romantic relationship with the Canadian former ice hockey goaltender. Still, the relationship did not progress further, and they broke up.

Anastasia Bucsis and her ex girlfriend Charline Labonte on their way to Geraldton, Ontario in August 2014.
Source : twitter

The retired Canadian speed skater went to the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics with her ex-girlfriend and fellow athlete Char­line Labonte. She competed in 500 meters women’s long track and finished in 27th. 

Bucsis was pursuing her Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Communication and Media Studies from the University of Calgary during that time, and she reflects on her time in Russia with Charline. However, the relationship went downhill the following year.

Char­line Labonte, now 40, won a gold medal at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics with her ice hockey team for Canada. It is the third consecutive gold medal she won for her country, having previously won the championship in the 2006 Turin and 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

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