Darren Till Girlfriend Laura Bennett Does Lip Blush Tattoos

Darren Till girlfriend Laura Bennett works as a lip blush tattooist in Liverpool. Laura has been dating Darren since 2018.

The UFC fighter, Till, 29, and Laura, 29, are parents to three baby girls but are yet to tie the knot. The couple and their relationship have created several controversies in the past, with many questioning Darren’s parenting skills.

When Darren Till walked out on December 10 in the octagon ring to face Dricus Du Plessis, many expected him to recreate the magic he had during his early UFC days.

But it was another disappointment for his fans as Till lost the match against Du Plessis via submission and his highly anticipated return to the ring after fifteen months failed to create any hype for the man nicknamed The Gorilla. 

Darren Till Girlfriend Laura Bennett Is Lip Blushing Tattoo Professional

Darren Till girlfriend Laura Bennett is a lip blushing tattoo professional working at You and Improved Aesthetics in the UK.

Laura Bennett, age 29, has been working at the UK-based company since earlier this year on May 27, 2022. The tattooist shared the news with her followers on her Instagram handle as she announced that she would take bookings on Fridays and Saturdays.

Laura Bennett pouts as she shares a beautiful photo of her in a red dress enjoying her holiday in Madinat Jumeirah on August 4, 2020
Source : instagram

Laura is available on Instagram with the username @laurabennett_x where she has a following of 5.4k and a separate Instagram handle solely dedicated to her professional work.

On the account @lipblushbylaura, Laura has shared 20 posts, including the photos of her clients, who were satisfied with the work she performed on them. She also shared a fast-paced video of the work done by her on the client.

Till’s partner is used to being showered with praise by her clients in her comment section but has not shared a single post since September. Her last post was that of her newly born baby, Alba, and said she would return to work as soon as possible. 

Darren Till And Laura Bennet Relationship Timeline

Darren Till and Luara Bennet have been dating since early 2018 and have already welcomed three children together. 

The couple, Laura and Darren, were once rumored to be engaged but there isn’t any evidence to satisfy those claims. 

Laura Bennett shares a photo of her and Darren Till on her Instagram handle on May 15, 2021
Source : instagram

Called Out For Poor Parenting Skills

In the year when Lauren confirmed her relationship with Darren, the UFC fighter was called out for his poor parenting skills. Laura’s first post on her Instagram handle is that of their first daughter Zara born in 2018.

The blonde beauty then shared a photo with her better half on her Instagram handle for the first time two weeks after the post of their baby. The MMA fighter in the past has been lambasted by many for having poor parent skills. 

Laura Bennett clicks a selfie with Darren Till and shares the photo on July 4, 2021
Source : instagram

In 2018, the UFC fighter made headlines as he said he didn’t care about his partner, Laura, and their first child Zara. At the time, Laura was seven months pregnant. 

The Scottsman later redacted the comment saying he wasn’t being serious and his girlfriend knew that he said it in the heat of the moment as she was seen laughing as Till gave his interview.

Darren Till poses with his fist up in the air as he gives hints to his fans about his comeback on his Instagram handle
Source : instagram

The only time the MMA fighter has shared any photos of his better half was earlier this year on May 13, 2022, for her birthday. Many of his fans were even taken aback seeing the fighter sharing something about his personal life. 

Parents To Three Beautiful Girls

They have not tied the knot, but Darren and Laura have already become parents to three beautiful baby girls. 

Their first child, as stated above, Zara, was born in 2018 and is the eldest of the three.

Darren Till and Laura Bennet pictured with their two daughters Zara and Raya on June 12, 2021
Source : instagram

Zara became an elder sister on April 3, 2020, as Darren and Laura welcomed their second child Raya Till. The two sisters are always twinning in their looks, whether on their birthdays or Christmas. 

Zara and Raya also love playing dress-ups like any toddlers of their age would want to do. In the post shared by their mother, Zara dressed up as a doctor and her sister a princess. 

The oldest of the bunch has also found her interest in gymnastics, and recently Laura shared the photo of Zara’s first day in her gymnastics class at Beth Weddle on September 10, 2022.

Laura shared the photo of their third child, Alba on her Instagram handle on September 26, 2022
Source : instagram

Darren also in the past shared a photo of his girls on his Instagram handle @darrentill2.0 earlier this year on February 3. But looking at the comments, many fans have not let him forget his previous comments about his children.

The couple welcomed their third child Alba in September 2022, and Lauren shared the news on her second account and has shared several photos on her Instagram stories.

Darren Till Partner Was Giselle Before Laura Bennett

Darren Till had a former partner named Giselle before Laura entered his life in 2018.

Since then, he has been loyal to her. 

The UFC fighter ex has left a lasting memory on Darren as he shares a baby girl with her and has a tattoo of her inked on his arm.

Darren Till’s Tattoo Gate – Goodbye Giselle

Darren Till has tried to cover the tattoo of his ex-partner with a new inking of a gorilla
Source : co

In 2015, when fresh-faced Darrent Till entered the UFC ring, many people’s eyes went to his arm tattoo. The fighter had a face of a woman named Giselle tattooed on him. 

At the time, many even thought he was dating former female UFC fighter turned-only fans model Paige VanZant. But Till clarified that he didn’t even know who Paige Vanzant was and that the tattoo was of his ex-partner.

He said he got the tattoo on her birthday, but now Till seems to regret his choices. Since 2021, he has been trying to cover up the tattoo with a portrayal of a gorilla. 

A Child With His Former Partner 

Darren Till with his two daughters, Zara and Raya is yet to share the picture of his first daughter
Source : instagram

In his early days, Darren shifted to Brazil to train with his former coach. And in Brazil, he met a woman for whom he fell hard.

The Brazillian woman, who many believe is the woman tattooed in his arms, is Giselle. The UFC fighter shares one daughter with his former partner, Scarlett Isabella Till, born in 2014. 

He hasn’t shared any public photos of his first daughter and has also not confirmed whether the child is with the woman whose face he has inked on his arms.

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