Former Football Player Chase DeMoor Relationship Story Starts From His College

Chase DeMoor relationship with his girlfriend started in his first year of College. Chase dated her partner at the same college.

Chase DeMoor played collegiate football at the College of Siskiyous in Weed, California, from 2015 to 2017. In College, he started his romantic entanglements with “a super-hot chick,” from his descriptive word for his newfound lady love. They broke up on Valentine’s day of 2020 after being committed for six years previously. The breakup was neat as it did not burden any party with outstanding emotional luggage. They parted ways with no bitter remorse about anything. 


In due course, when DeMoor was still in Too Hot To Handle, two girls came forward in different timelines to upset his love life. One hated him for appearing on TV, while the other just evoked the show’s dramatics. The latter also messaged DeMoor’s new girlfriend, Carly, from the program to rift them apart.

Chase’s Relationship Story Started In The First Year Of College

Chase DeMoor has an initial college-time girlfriend and story with a super hot chick, which is his word. 

A young lady from the college was his one official girlfriend. He exclaimed he could flex his godsend love to his friends. He proposed to his first love just after knowing her for ten days. When he first met her, he played collegiate football for the College of Siskiyous in Weed, California. In ten days, Chase transformed casual friendship into a full-blown love story. 

In first years of College life, Chase DeMoor had a super-hot chick for a GF.
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The relationship lasted roughly six years, during which they cohabited for some time. In those days, they raised dogs too. They had a break up on Valentine’s day of 2020. Chase could not put the finger on the cause of the breakup though he guessed social media might have strained the relationship thread. He mentioned any argument he ever had with his first girlfriend centered around social media. 

When they were together, social media used to be an issue. His lady love never had any accounts on any social platforms. Additionally, she did not like Chase having accounts. Differences might have soured things up as they always started debates and arguments.

Post-breakup, Chase made a foray into a reality TV show on Netflix. The couple had a clean breakup though Chase challenged that his first girlfriend might have seen him in TV shows and memes.

Chase Proceeded To Date His Costar in Netflix Reality Show Too Hot To Handle

Chase started a relationship with his costar, Carly Lawrence, when Netflix cast him on Too Hot to Handle.

Chase described himself as an “alpha male” in the intro video of the Show- Too Hot To Handle. He even claimed to exude one hundred percent naturally intense libido. As a standout cast in season two,  he quickly connected with the Canadian blonde bombshell Carly Lawrence. Undoubtedly, Chase played in Canadian Football League, or CFL. That’s why he tried to draw Carly’s attention to the fact that he rooted for her country in his times in CFL. He tried to woo her with commonality and simplicity even though his tall, dark, handsome, muscular body was more than enough. 

 In due course, when DeMoor was still in a relationship with Carly, two girls came forward in different timelines claiming to be his ex-girlfriends. One hated him for appearing in the reality show, while the other just stirred up the drama element of the show. The latter also messaged Carly about DeMoor’s supposed relationship with the sender. But, nothing could fizzle out DeMoor and Carly’s romance. The relationship started with all the right notes.


Chase DeMoor started to date his costar Carly Lawrence from the Netflix Reality Show
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Chase uploaded videos and photos on Instagram narrating their romance and adventure. For example, he uploaded a video in July 2021 where Chase and Carly made funny faces to elicit some laughs and grins. Chase has captioned the video Chase plus Carly equals #Charly. What a play of words. He uploaded a picture of their trip to Las Vegas in the next post. 

Too Hot To Handle was airing for the second season. Fans were hoping Chase and Carly could maintain their newfound love unendingly even after the show ended. But it was just plain hope. The romance ended mid-way through the show, but they agreed to remain close friends. 

When they eventually broke it off, Chase found love with another costar Tabitha Clifft right in front of his ex Carly. Carly started a whirlwind romance with show contestant Joey Joy near the season finale.

Chase DeMoor Has A Friendly Relationship With Carly Lawrence

The twenty-six years old Chase has enjoyed a friendly relationship with Carly after their breakup. 

Indeed, Chase and Carly are on good terms. Though they are not dating each other, they have remained good friends. In an Interview with Arizona Central, Chase revealed that he and Carly had a great relationship. They talk all time, every day. He even hoped that Carly was indeed going to come to Arizona to hang out with him. 

The Netflix show has made and broken several relationships. None of the relationships turned into a full-blown hate story. For example, Carly is on good terms with her beau from the show, Joey Joy. Her relationship with Chase is on friendly terms. Chase even pointed out he, Joey, and Carly spent New Year together. Carly is dating Bennett Sipes, who plays in Love Island USA season two. Chase reacted to Carly’s Instagram post, where the authority has permitted Carly and Bennett to raise the kid together. 

Though Chase and Carly had no any complication, Chase and Tabitha have experienced their shares of ups and downs after the show ended.
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But something did happen with Chase and Tabitha as the show ended. As Tabitha is a Londoner while Chase is from the USA, the vast gap leads to a downfall in their relationship. Chase tried to woo her by sending flowers, chocolate, and a love letter to his transatlantic lover. But what a physical touch does cannot be imitated with inanimate flowers, dull chocolates, and insipid letters. The straw that broke the relationship back was a miscommunication regarding who was visiting whom during New Year. There are different versions of the same event.

Despite the misunderstanding, Chase and Tabitha form a good rapport with one another and remain in touch.

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