Khava Eldarbekova: Muhammad Mokaev Wife and Married Life

Khava Eldarbekova, the wife of Muhammad Mokaev, is a physician. MMA fighter Mokaev is set to fight in the UFC 280.

Muhammad Mokaev, a 20-year-old professional MMA fighter who has medaled for Great Britain, said he was “surprised” when the Home Office refused to grant his wife, Khava Eldarbekova, a visitor’s visa in February of this year.

The refugee, who fled political persecution in Dagestan, Russia, with his family in 2012 and immigrated to the UK with them, had hoped that Ms. Eldarbekova, 25, whom he married in October 2020 through an Islamic ceremony, would be allowed to travel there to meet his father for the first time.

Russian mixed martial artist Muhammad Mokaev is a professional fighter. Mokaev is the reigning IMMAF Bantamweight Junior European and World Champion and a two-time amateur MMA Junior World Champion.

Quick Facts On Muhammad Mokaev

Name Muhammad Mokaev
Wife Khava Eldarbekova
Nickname The Punisher
Stance Orthodox
Birthdate 30/7/2000

Inside Married Life Of Muhammad Mokaev And Wife Khava Eldarbekova

In September 2020, Muhammad and Khava were married in Turkey. They both reside in Bahrain, where Khava works as a clinical professional and Muhammad is a student.

Mokaev needed his father to travel to the UK in 2021 to meet his future spouse. Khava’s visa, however, was restricted by the UK’s mobility office.

Muhammad Mokaev is happily married with his wife
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They had made plans for Khava to see Muhammad in the UK as he had not yet met his father due to Covid restrictions.

However, the couple’s two visitor visa applications have been denied, the most recent of which was a 13-day visa denied by the Home Office due to the amount of money in Khava’s bank account that they are unable to account for, leading them to suspect she has plans to overstay.

Muhammad Mokaev Family Journey

After his mother passed away in 2012, Muhammad Mokaev drove across continental Europe with his father from his birthplace in Dagestan, Russia.

He is currently one of the most sought-after prospects in mixed martial arts, has a perfect record, and is expected to succeed his fellow countryman Khabib Nurmagomedov.

 Muhammad Mokae has a hard time growing up
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The 20-year-old is now a professional MMA fighter with members of the Bahraini royal family as some of his main supporters, having gone from living on just £5 ($6.6) a day in Wigan, northern England, where he and his father had to worry about affording food, to having a 22-0 amateur record and a 4-0 professional record so far.

He promised to compete in the Ultimate Fighting Championship as early as “next year,” according to CNN Sport’s Alex Thomas.

Muhammad Mokaev Childhood and Upbringing

Mokaev, who was born in Dagestan in 2000, was raised around combat. In Russia, wrestling is a very popular sport, and Mokaev frequently competed instead of going to school.

He explains, “[At] school, you either go to training or you go and sit outdoors and speak about life. “Like you may sit there and just sit, and then someone begins fighting, maybe even two or three bouts in a circle. because there is nothing for people to do.

Muhammad Mokaev  has a successful career
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“At that time, I would leave for the train and return home. We can attend classes and training. You may occasionally choose to miss school to attend training.

Mokaev and his father, therefore, undertook the protracted trip across continental Europe till they finally arrived at their end destination in the UK in a car full of clothes and with little money. Mokaev’s “life started from zero” when he arrived in a nation where he did not speak a word of the local tongue.

He Choose A different Path To Fund His MMA Career

Mokaev had to take on other jobs to pay for his MMA training, including security work, handing out flyers on the street, and cleaning construction sites.

On top of that, the commute to and from training regularly totaled over six hours. He really appreciates God. He set up these obstacles for me because, if I had more money, I might have ended up on the streets or acting like a party boy, according to Mokaev.

 Muhammad Mokaev with his father
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Mokaev emphasizes the significance of not lumping all migrants together and extols their individuality, despite the fact that this is sometimes done to make it easier to categorize them given the complexity and diversity of their origins.

His Highness Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad al-Khalifa, the fifth son of the King of Bahrain, saw Mokaev after his first amateur match in 2015 and finally started following the athlete on Instagram.

In 2015, Sheikh Khalid established the KHK MMA team, which at first featured Nurmagomedov, then in 2016, he established his own MMA group, the Brave Combat Federation.

Muhammad Mokaev Career Highlight

Mokaev has transformed from a rookie unknown to one of MMA’s most exciting prospects since going professional with the sheik’s company. He most recently fought fellow Brit Dave Jones to raise his record to a perfect 4-0.

Comparisons between Mokaev and Nurmagomedov have become frequent due to Mokaev’s proficiency in grappling, his unblemished record, and his habit of donning the traditional papakha headdress of Dagestan inside the ring.

Mokaev (left) aims a knee at Jamie Kelly during Brave CF 43 in Bahrain.
Source : cnn

Although Mokaev acknowledges that his fellow Dagestani is the “people’s champion,” he thinks the two of them are very different from one another.

The majority of the MMA community was shocked by Nurmagomedov’s abrupt retirement earlier this year since many believed that his 28-0 record made him the greatest UFC fighter ever.

Mokaev, who is still very early in his MMA career, thinks he can surpass the accomplishments of undefeated lightweight champion Nurmagomedov.

Muhammad Mokaev Net Worth In 2022

The fighter Muhammad appears to be worth $2 million online. Mokaev relies on his skill in his field of work to make a living.

Reebok paid for his costumes because that was his line of work. Additionally, a specific mannequin was used in the fighter’s endorsement plan. The average yearly salary for a UFC fighter residing only within the United States is thought to be 148K. Muhammad is unquestionably a warrior worth $1,000,000, according to his expert information.

 Muhammad Mokaev  has a huge net worth from his fighting career
Source : cnn

Additionally, he won unanimously over American Johnson in front of a boisterous audience, improving his record to virtually 8-0-1 overall. According to his Twitter account @muhannadmokaev, the skilled wrestler has won the British wrestling championship six times and the World championship twice.

He is also a two-time European IMMAF champion and has a 30-0-0 record in mixed martial arts. He is the youngest fighter in the UFC.

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