Was Erin Jayne Plummer’s Death Cause Suicide? Know How The Australian TV Host Died

Erin Jayne Plummer, an Australian TV personality best known for anchoring the conversation show Studio 10, died at age 42. Did she commit suicide? Get to know all detail below. 

Erin Jayne Plummer was a television presenter best known for anchoring advertorials on Studio 10 and the shopping channel TVSN. Erin Jayne was a stunning woman on the inside and out, and if she had not been for television, she might have pursued an athletic career. She competed in synchronized swimming and even surf lifesaving for Australia.

She was also a six-year presenter for Aerobics Oz Style. From 1982 until 2005, the instructional aerobics TV series had a global audience of 40 million people & broadcast in more than 80 countries.

Did Erin Jayne Plummer Commit Suicide? 

Erin Jayne Plummer, a TV personality, died suddenly at age 42. She was known for his advertorials on Studio 10 and TVSN. Her family has not yet revealed her exact cause of death. So, it is also not known if she commits suicide or not.

Following Erin Jayne’s untimely passing late last week, Studio 10 hosts have paid homage to her. Many individuals were stunned to learn about her death. Many individuals have come forward to offer their respects to the TV host.

A well-known personality, Harris said, Over the weekend, Studio 10 lost a little bit of sparkle with our friend and advertorial host Erin Jayne passing away suddenly.

She has been a cheerful and familiar face on Australian television for almost two decades, lighting up our mornings with her effervescent attitude and megawatt grin for the time. 

Erin Jayne Plummer Husband And Children

Erin Jayne Plummer’s husband, with, whom she had been married for over a decade, is now grieving her loss. Erin left her husband and three beautiful children behind. But, there is no information about her husband in the media. Moreover, the name of her husband is also unknown. 

Australians have known Erin for more than two decades as a “friendly and familiar face” and a “gold-medal mother” to her children.

Sadly, she died at the age of 42. She has left her family, husband, and children. 

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Erin Jayne Plummer Wikipedia Bio: Detail To Know

Erin Jayne Plummer passed away at age 42. According to Wikipedia, she hosted advertorials on The Morning Show, Studio 10, Kerri-Anne, and TVSN over her career, earning the nickname ‘The Danoz Girl.

Jayne advertised everything from massage chairs to gym regimens to slimming pants to steam mops throughout the years.

Erin also did several voice-overs for television while she wasn’t in front of the camera.

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