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Danielle Laidley New Partner Donna Leckie And Children, Daughter Molly Laidley

Danielle Laidley
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Danielle Laidley and her partner Donna Leckie have had a beautiful relationship since childhood. 

A former Australian rules football coach Danielle Laidley emotionally opens up about her struggle journey to be her true self. She has been active in the field as a professional player from 1987 to 1997. 

Over the years, she served for the club West Coast and North Melbourne. Her accomplished career highlights include North Melbourne premiership player in 1996 AFL Grand Final and Western Australia State of Origin representative 1996, 1998. 

After all the years of coaching and playing career, she has finally expressed her struggles to the public. Now her followers are intrigued to know about her partner in her life. 

Who Is Danielle Laidley Partner Donna Leckie? Inside Her Married Life

Danielle Laidley is currently with her childhood sweetheart or partner, Donna Leckie. However, she mentioned, "We aren't getting married, and we aren't engaged."

Although Laidley and Leckie have found love in each other, they don't seem to have any plan to further their relationship for now. They grew up together in primary and high school, creating an unbreakable bond. 

Being in the relationship for over a year, they faced rumors of getting engaged, which turned out to be false. While they make the whole thing official, Donna opened up, 

"We hugged each other so hard we fell into the couch. We are so happy that it's finally open. I can't wait to see my children and grandchildren."

Nevertheless, before having a gender transition, Danielle was married to his ex-wife Joanne Laidley, who now appears to be maintaining a low profile from the public. 

Danielle Laidley with Donna Leckie
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Meet Danielle Laidley Daughter Molly Laidley

Danielle Laidley has three children, Molley Laidley, Brooke Laidley, and Kane Laidley, with her ex-partner Joanne. Despite being a public figure, her kids have maintained a low profile. 

Molly grew up with her sibling Brooke, who lives a private life, and Kane, a DJ with thousands of followers on social media. Currently, the family appears to be facing complications as Danielle emotionally opens up about the strained relationship. 

Regardless, she mentioned, "All I can say is, in God's time, we'll be a family again. They have endured enough. And one day, hopefully, in a few years' time we're sitting back there and we're all in a great place."

"It leaves a huge hole in my heart. They've been my life. There's no rush. I'm not going anywhere for a long time."

They don't seem to follow each other on social media in the meantime.

Danielle Laidley with his ex-partner and children
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What Is Danielle Laidley Age?

Danielle Laidley was born on 27 March 1967 and grew up in Balga, Western Australia. She is currently 55 years of age and has finally found her love and bliss. 

According to her Wikipedia, she played for Australian Football League (AFL) from 1987 to 1997. After leaving, AFL, she began her coaching career from 2003 to 2009 for the North Melbourne club. 

She was born male and had earned fame in men's AFL. With gender transition, she wishes to refer to herself as Dani. 

Danielle Laidley
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Glimpse Into Danielle Laidley Net Worth In 2022

Danielle Laidley estimated net worth in 2022 is roughly around $2 million. She is a former Australian rules football player and coach who has been active in the field for years. 

Besides, she has also authored the book "Don't Look Awar," which all her followers are excited to read. Recently, she opened up about her life story in the program 60-minutes.