Wife Sarah McCombie And Bill Turnbull Net Worth 2022, BBC Presenter’s Successful Career

Bill Turnbull, a British journalist, and presenter, took his last breath on August 31 while surrounded by his wife and other family members. He left behind an estimated net worth of $9 million for his sons and daughter.


He spent many years working as a presenter for the BBC before moving on to appear for Classic FM later in life. When Bill got his prostate cancer diagnosis in 2017, he remained firmly optimistic and was much encouraged by his support from friends, co-workers, and well-wishers.

BBC: Wife Sarah McCombie And Bill Turnbull Net Worth 2022

Sarah shared a romantic relationship with beloved journalist Turnbull. Having been united in 1988, she has remained an essential part of his life, supporting him through his highs and lows.


When Bill was diagnosed with an incurable disease in 2017, she still cared for him and was his pillar of strength. On the other hand, Sarah isn’t as well known as her husband because she isn’t involved in the attention-grabbing profession as her husband did.

Bill Turnbull Married Sarah McCombie In 1988
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However, the couple had a combined wealth of around $9 million in 2022. So even though most of that wealth was accumulated by Bill, she also had an equal right.

How wealthy was Bill Turnbull?

Bill was a fantastic person as a journalist. He helped his co-workers and never heisted to participate in volunteer activities when needed. Throughout his career, he was part of many firms and organizations. As a result, he gained a net worth of $9 million at the time of his demise.


Turnbull was born on January 25, 1956, in Guildford, Surrey, to an English mother and a Scottish-born father. He completed his education at the University of Edinburgh and Eton College as a student newspaper editor. In 1978, he earned his degree from Cardiff University.


Turnbull’s career began in 1978 at the small-town Scottish station Radio Clyde, and he later worked as a freelancer in the USA for a while. Turnbull joined the BBC in 1986 as a reporter for the Today show and in 1988 as a reporter for Breakfast Time. He then became a correspondent for BBC News in 1990.


Turnbull returned to the UK in 1997 and started working as one of the main presenters on BBC News 24. Turnbull became a weekend presenter for BBC Breakfast in 2001. Since then, he has cycled between working for reputable media organizations in the USA and the UK.

Bill Turnbull Children And Family Life

Turnbull married Sarah McCombie in March 1988 in the London borough of Hackney. The couple had three children: a daughter named Flora, who was born in August 1991, and two sons named Henry and Will, who was born in October 1988 and October 1989, respectively.


Turnbull’s mild presenting manner, ideal for early morning television, made him a fan favorite among viewers on BBC Breakfast. When BBC Breakfast moved to Salford, Bill and Sarah, who had previously shared a home in Bucks, went to Rainow in Cheshire.

 Bill Turnbull Loved The Company Of His Children And Wife
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Bill said in 2015 that he would leave BBC Breakfast because he wanted to spend more time with Sarah and his bees in Suffolk. He enjoyed dancing, raising chickens, and keeping bees. He released The Bad Beekeepers Club, a humorous book on the highs and lows of beekeeping, in May 2010.


Turnbull and his wife left their home in Buckinghamshire and moved to Rainow, Cheshire after BBC Breakfast relocated to Salford in 2012. After that, he moved to Suffolk. Turnbull acknowledged in March 2018 that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer in November. He died at home in Suffolk on August 31, 2022, at 66.

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