Who Is Flavia Leone? Details To Know About Di4ries Cast As Livia Mancini, Family Background

Flavia Leone was born in Rome, Italy, in 2006. 

She is an upcoming young actor who made Flavia’s debut in the entertainment industry with Micaela Andreozzi’s comedy, “Parents vs. Influencers (2021).” Flavia is known for her role in Netflix’s show, Di4ries, where she can be seen as Livia. 

We are familiar with Livia, an active girl who strives for excellence and is always willing to make her parents happy. What we don’t know about Livia is what she could enjoy doing more. She won’t become more self-reliant until she meets Pietro Livia. At that point, she’ll focus all of her attention on the essential things.

Who is Flavia Leone?

Actress Flavia Leone, born in 2006, currently resides in Rome, Italy. She is 16 years old. 

After being cast as Livia Mancini in the 2022 season of the Netflix series “Di4ries,” she skyrocketed to the forefront of public attention. Di4ries is set to release on the platform on July 26 and has already established a place in the viewers’ hearts. 

According to the reports, Leone regularly received her theatrical training at the San Paolo Theater. There, she had a habit of frequently performing on stage in various shows. In addition to her acting training, Flavia has also received dance training at the Quirino and Ambra Jovinelli theaters.

After several years in the theater industry, Leone decided to work with Studio Segre as her talent manager and immediately began attending auditions. To our great good fortune, this young Italian performer did not have to go through a series of auditions before landing her first part. 

In 2019, she was selected to play a significant role in a movie that will be released under the title “Genitori Vs. Influencer.” Leone’s performance in her first picture was so impressive that it helped her garner a substantial following after its release. Flavia, however, came under the limelight for the new Netflix series, Di4ries.

Flavia Leone’s Parents And Family

It has been said that Flavia Leone’s mother and father both worked for themselves in the business world. 

Flavia’s family has a solid financial background. Francesca, the older sister of the Di4ries celebrity, is also a social media influencer and can be found on Instagram under the handle “ffrancescaleone.”  

Flavia Leone’s Boyfriend

It would appear from the photographs being shared on Instagram that all of the “Di4ries” cast members are maintaining a tight relationship. 

There are a few images where Andre and Flavia may be seen holding each other as if they were lovers. There are also several TikTok videos of the two making rounds. In these videos, we can see close photos of Flavia and Andre that make them seem like a couple.


Arru made his debut as an actor in the feature film “Vien di Notte” in 2018, where he had a prominent role. In 2022, Andrea gained widespread recognition for his performance as Pietro Maggi in the Netflix series “Di4ries.” This high school drama includes the sweet love stories at Galileo Galilei Middle School.

As per some reports, Arru and Leone have been having an affair, but it is appropriate to wait for the pair to clear the air first. Meanwhile, believing that they are at least excellent friends is preferable.

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Di4ries – Story and Synopsis

The new teen coming-of-age drama titled DI4RIES, also known as Di4ri in its original language of Italian, is scheduled to be added to Netflix’s extensive collection on Tuesday, July 26.

Fifteen episodes will be broadcast all at once, and their lengths will range from twenty-four to fifty-two minutes. Most of the cast members are fresh faces on the acting scene, and for the most part, DI4RIES is their very first role. The narrative focuses on the experiences of eight different middle school students. The students negotiate first romances, kisses, friendships, and even battles amongst rivals at Galileo Galilei Middle School.

The television program aimed at adolescents has been given the rating of TV-PG. This indicates that it includes content that some parents consider inappropriate for their younger children to watch. It was given an age rating because some of the characters in the series use language that is deemed to be sexually explicit. In general, the assistance of parents or guardians is recommended.

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