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Who Is Funkanometry From World Of Dance? TikTok Sensation Net Worth 2022

Funkanometry recently brought the viral dance routines to the live AGT stage.
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Funkanometry is a popular dance duo from Vancouver Island. Jacksun Fryer and Carlow Rush are the two members of the group.

After taking on the World of Dance stage, the duos are back on the sets of America's Got Talent. They execute hip-hop-type dances, which have helped them amass a sizable following base on Tiktok.

The aspiring performers had already dazzled the stages during the auditions on June 7, 2022. The judges gave them four yes votes. In the recent episode of AGT, Funkanometry once again brought the Funk into the sets.

While the crowd is already captivated by them, fans are curious to know more about the funky dancing duo. 

Funkanometry Is a Dance Duo from Canada

Jacksun Fryer and Carlow Rush are from Vancouver Island, Canada. The make form the group Funkanometry.

The two met through "dance battles, tournaments, and classes," claims their Funkanometry website. They usually dance wearing matching outfits.

Their website also reads: 'We both have similar styles, goofy personas and we LOVE to entertain so we cooked up Funkanometry. Putting that FUNKI energy out there and getting it back from our audiences is the best feeling ever.'

After participating in World of Dance in 2019, Fryer and Rush became well-known.
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In 2019, the dancers previously performed on NBC's defunct dance series World of Dance Season 3. There they made headlines with their dance in “Shake Your Pants” by Cameo, which helped them reach the Duel round. 

Funkanometry then competed against Dancetown Divas as a Junior, under 18 act and prevailed, moving on to The Cut round. However, they were only able to finish in the fifth position since the World of Dance does not allow public voting.

Rush and Fryer were back in the World of Dance Season 4, where they collaborated with the Gigabots. Unfortunately, they were unable to pass the qualifiers round. However, it was not the end for the aspiring young dancers. 

In June 2022, the duo auditioned for season 17th of America's Got Talent. They quickly impressed the judges, especially Sofia Vergara and Simon Cowell. In fact, Sofia could not help but let her jaw drop. Meanwhile, Simon's smile suggested a promising future for the duo.




Jacksun Fryer and Carlow Rush Age: How Old Are The Funkanometry Members?

As of 2022, Jacksun Fryer is 19 years old, and this year his friend Carlow Rush turned 20.

Carlow was born on March 17, 2002, and Jacksun was born on March 11, 2003. They are Canadian citizens and have been living on Vancouver Island. The duos were among the youngest contestants in the AGT Season 17.

Funkanometry are among the youngest AGT contestants.
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Since a young age, both Jacksun and Carlow have been drawn to dance and performing. This could explain why they choose to pursue a career in dance. However, Jackson had always dreamed of becoming an astronaut, while Carlow wanted to be famous for something.

There is no information about their parents on the domain, however, in an interview, the duo explained that their parents got them started in dancing. They said to the Wise Tea last year: 'Our parents put us in hip hop class when we were kids and we loved it. The teachers saw potential and kept challenging us.'

The young guys consider Aj ‘MegaMan’ Kambere, their teacher, as the biggest inspiration.  






What Is Funkanometry Duo Jackson Fryer And Carlo Rush Net Worth?

The Funkanometry duos have an estimated net worth of over USD 500,000.

They have participated in numerous competitions and based on their achievements, we can infer that they have amassed a substantial sum of money. If Funkanometry wins the AGT Season 14, they will be able to take home the ultimate USD 1 million prize money.