Gail Cataldi: WIP Angelo Cataldi Wife and Daughter

Angelo Cataldi is a famous sports radio announcer. Gail Cataldi, his wife, has been his crutch throughout his life.

Cataldi, aged 71, has worked in radio for his entire lifetime. Currently, he works for 94 WIP-FM (simulcast on 610 WTEL) in Philadelphia. However, Angelo finally announced his retirement after a lifetime of work at the station in October.

Angelo Cataldi has disclosed that he will leave his position at WIP radio on December 31, 2022, and retire. After the Eagles season’s conclusion, Cataldi will leave the station after having been there for more than three decades.

When Cataldi retires from WIP in the first half of 2023, the noon program will continue to be hosted by Joe DeCamara and former Eagles fullback Jon Ritchie.

Cataldi’s retirement after the Eagles’ current season, while noon announcers DeCamara, Ritchie, and their producer James Seltzer will join them. Al Morganti, who has worked with Cataldi during the show’s 31 years on air, will be transitioning into an unspecified job at the station.

Angelo Cataldi announced his retirement as a WIP radio announcer in October.
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Who Is Gail Cataldi? WIP Angelo Cataldi Wife and Daughter

Gail Cataldi is famous as the wife of WIP host and personality Angelo Cataldi. They have been married for years.

Based on their ages and the chemistry between them, it would seem that the elderly couple has been together for a very long period, maybe as far back as the 1990s, even though much information about their relationship and marriage continues to be kept a secret.

And now, after more than three decades of work as a radio personality for the 94 WIP-FM stations, Angelo may finally fulfill his retirement dream with his wife, Gail, as they enter their golden years together.

Even though he has been a mainstay of Philadelphia sports radio for the last three decades, Angelo Cataldi has never officially called the city his home until 2019.

But earlier this year, he and his wife, Gail, moved from Medford, New Jersey, to Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania, bringing about the transformation. Even though the Cataldi’s has only been in the neighborhood for a short while, they have already developed a strong affinity for almost all of its features.

Moreover, the pair is blessed with three children but resists addressing them publicly. According to a Facebook post, their daughter was married in February 2020. Taylor Cotilla Photography page uploaded a lovely wedding picture of Angelo Cataldi’s daughter and her husband.

Angelo Cataldi with his beloved wife Gail.
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Was Gail Cataldi In An Accident?

Gail Cataldi, Angelo Cataldi’s wife, was allegedly involved in an accident; however, the info turned out to be false.

Numerous news outlets reported that Gail Cataldi had been involved in an accident; however, this flexed out to be just a rumor without truth. That incident never happened, and Gail is entirely safe and alive. 

The two are pretty active on social media and routinely post photographs of themselves having a good time together. He and his wife just moved to Chestnut Hill, where they will be able to spend the remainder of their lives together in tranquility, especially since he just retired.

In 2015, Angelo Cataldi, host of the morning program on WIP, claims that his co-host, Rhea Hughes, contacted him while he was in the car with his wife on Wednesday afternoon to let him know that Chip Kelly wanted to talk to him.

Similarly, in 2017, Cataldi described how he traveled from Philadelphia to Providence over the weekend to see his mother, who was 98 years old, and how a flight attendant assisted him through an anxiety attack during the trip.

” I was not in a good mental state because my mom is 98 and she is struggling and it is very hard.” Cataldi recalled the moment on the morning show.

 Angelo Cataldi daughter with his husband. She was married in 2020.
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What Is Angelo Cataldi Net Worth? Earnings And Salary

According to Celebrity Net Worth, radio host Angelo Cataldi has a net worth of $1.5 million as of 2022.

He is employed with Philadelphia radio station 94 WIP-FM. Besides, the Philadelphia Inquirer published some of his work. When the longest professional baseball game was played in 1981, he was one of just two reporters assigned to cover the first 32 innings.

Talking about his salary and earnings, it has not been made transparent how much he earns in a year from his profession. However, a report by Zip Recruiter, the average salary of a sports radio announcer in Philadelphia is $$54,116  a year, which is slightly less compared to the average of the whole nation $ of $55,691. 

94 WIP-FM sports radio personality Angelo Cataldi has a net worth of $1.5 million.
Source : barrettsportsmedia

Besides, the salary ranges as high as $90,455 and as low as $18,593, based on experience and influence. Cataldi, who has been serving the radion for three decades surely would have the highest possible salary. It’s safe to say that Cataldi’s local sports radio show is still the most popular around Philadelphia.

Some FAQs

Was Angelo Cataldi wife Gail Cataldi In An Accident?

No, Angelo Cataldi wife Gail was not involved in an accident. She is all fine and doing very well.

Who is Angelo Cataldi wife?

Angelo Cataldi have been married to his wife Angelo Cataldi for years. The two have three chilren.

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