89 or 19′ Kadarius Toney Giants Tattoo and Rap Career Of Yung Joka

Kadarius Toney, a professional football player, has a tattoo 89 on his back after getting the shirt number from New York City Giants. However, he now wears 19 for the chiefs; what an irony.

How difficult is it to change 8 to 1? If you ask me, it is impossible; a joke on you, Toney says Giants fan. But for chiefs, this trade could be the bargain of the year after giving away the Cheetah.

He had his Giants jersey number tattooed on his back a few months ago. The Statue of Liberty and the New York skyline are seen behind Toney’s name and number. But many people thought that this choice was immature, as he was expected to be traded to another club in the future.

According to recent news, he will don the No. 19 with the Chiefs, so he’ll need to decide what to do with the enormous 89 tattoos on his back. Since the tattoo is so large, it won’t be simple for him to erase it, and it will be awkward for him to continue playing in the future while wearing someone else’s number on his back.

Kadarius Toney’s Quick Facts

Profession NFL Player & Rapper
Other Name Yung Joka
DOB January 27, 1999
Birthplace Mobile, Alabama
Parents Dana Toney and Angela Williams
Marital Status Unmarried
Girlfriend Charnesia Lumpkin
Previous Team New York Giants
Current Team Kansas City Chiefs

’89 or 19′ – Kadarius Toney Of New York Giants Gets A Massive Tattoo

Kadarius got a massive 89-numbered tattoo on his back earlier this year. He was hoping to stay on the Giants team, but he was recently traded to Kansas City Chiefs and had to wear jersey number 19 with his new team. 

The Chiefs acquired Kadarius Toney on Thursday from the New York Giants. Toney released a photo of his new jersey number on Instagram a few hours after the news broke, and it’s a little unexpected.

In Kansas City, he’ll don the No. 19 jersey, worn by several players this year, including K Matt Ammendola and WR Corey Coleman. K Matthew Wright, who is still a practice squad member and will probably receive a new jersey number, is the most recent player to wear the numbers.

Kadarius Toney Has Tattooed His Previous Club's Number, 89, On His Back But Will Be Wearing Number 19 In His New Club
Source : twitter

He didn’t have a good relationship with Giants, and his journey with his former team was full of accusations. Although he denies the allegations, the recently acquired receiver was charged with falsifying injuries while playing for the New York Giants. Many people thought it would explain why the New York team decided to part with their first-round choice from the previous year.

Toney’s recent interaction with a fan on Instagram made matters even worse. Everything came out recently, and it uncovers many dark secrets of the professional player. It is probably the real reason the Giants released him. His behavior makes it clear that he’s unprofessional and hasn’t yet developed a persona that would be the characteristics of an NFL player. 

Kadarius Toney’s Eyebrows Raising Tweets, Did He Shave them, I Mean Literally?

Toney, an ex-Giant player, has made some questionable tweets after knowing his departure from his team to Kansas City Chiefs earlier this week.

Shortly after being traded by the Giants on Thursday for conditional third- and sixth-round draft picks, Toney tweeted in response to his departure. He said that while the jokes being spread about might be hilarious, they still wounded him.

His response could be against the accusations fired towards him, claiming he had faked his injury and became unprofessional during his time with the giants. Uncertainty surrounds what or to whom the wide receiver was replying, but it raises concerns about Toney’s recent hamstring issue. Since Week 2, Toney hasn’t participated in a game.

Kadarius Toney Passed Some Eyebrows Raising Comments Via Twitter After The News Of His Departure From The Giants Broke Out
Source : twitter

The Giants reported that he missed practice on Wednesday due to an injury, but he tweeted that he was healthy again following his trade to the Chiefs on Thursday. However, The Chiefs will view this trade with great mistrust. Toney’s background during his two seasons in the NFL will play a part in some of it.

There is a sense that he just didn’t fit in with the new New York administration, but he has struggled to play for the Giants, especially this season, due to recurrent hamstring ailments. Some of the worries will stem from the fact that some fans don’t think the receiver position is necessary.

Despite various accusations and a shady image, Toney could be highly beneficial for Chef’s squad. The Chiefs’ receivers struggled to get away from man coverage until Week 7. With a 4.39 speed, Toney is a tool the team can utilize to counteract the man coverage looks they have been receiving.

Rap Career Of Kadarius Toney AKA Yung Joka

Kadarius is one of the most popular NFL players because of his internet activities, but he has also earned a name as a rapper through his stage name, Yung Joka.

Yung Joka is the star of his rap career and also had made some notable tracks in the past. His six studio albums are warrior 3, SplitWorld, MillionDollarJokez, Warrior 2, Warrior, and Beyond This. His entire discography is available on Spotify.

He started this hustle nearly three years ago when he was a player for Florida Gators. However, because of his nature, many predicted his career as a pro player could be in danger if his rapper personality chooses to continue making songs full-time. However, non of such activities have happened till now, but the effects of his two different careers moving parallel can be observed clearly.

He was supposed to play for the New York Giants after being drafted in the 2021 NFL draft, but his behavior with the team led him to switch teams and be traded to Kansas City chefs for the remainder of his NFL career. Many scout personalities had predicted that his performance in the field could dip if he tried to balance both professions, which seems to be happening currently.

However, the young rapper and player have denied all the allegations and claimed he had provided 100% effort or both of his professions. His football performance started to shine when he played college football as a reserve for the Florida Gators. He played as a running back, wildcat quarterback, wide receiver, and in special teams throughout his first, second, and third seasons.

NFL Career 

Toney’s output, however, significantly rose as a senior in 2020. He was selected as a second-team All-America all-purpose player by the Associated Press, but the SEC coaches selected him as a first-team all-conference. Additionally, the young player was nominated for the 2020 Paul Hornung Award, given to the college football player with the best versatility.

The New York Giants chose Toney as the 20th overall choice in the 2021 NFL Draft. On June 4, 2021, he agreed to a $13.7 million four-year contract. Toney was added to the team’s COVID-19 reserve list when training camp began. Despite playing in only ten games, the young player finished the season with the second-most receiving yards on the New York Giants.

Toney Was Traded To The Kansas City Chiefs In Exchange For A Third And A Sixth Round Pick In The 2023 NFL Draft On October 27, 2022.
Source : twitter

Week 2 of the 2022 season saw Toney suffer a hamstring injury. He would miss five games for the Giants due to the injury. During his rookie season, this was one of the rare times he managed to damage and was forced to sit outside the playing team.

He couldn’t stick around for long as Toney was traded to the Kansas City Chiefs on October 27, 2022, in exchange for sixth and third-round picks in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Some FAQs

Who Is Rapper Yung Joka?

Kadarius Toney is also a rapper who goes by the stage name of Yung Joka. He has six albums titled Warrior 3, SplitWorld, MillionDollarJokez, Warrior 2, Warrior and Beyond This

What Happened To Kadarius Toney’s Eyebrows?

Kadarius Toney tweeted earlier this week expressing his feelings towards his past allegations while he was part of Giants squad. This tweet raised eyebrows of several fans and spectators.

What Is Kadarius Toney’s Tattoo?

Kadarius Toney has tattooed a massive ’89’ on his back which was his shirt number while playing for his ex-team, the New York Giants.

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