Robert Tonyan Parents Tammy And Robert Sr Raised Two Athletes

Robert Tonyan was born to parents Tammy and Robert Tonyan Sr., who raised two athletes. His sister Danielle is a volleyball player.

His parents would always come to attend his game to boost his mentality. He has a solid bond with them, and they have been there for him through all the ups and downs of his life. They often go to the stadium to watch his matches and give him moral support.

The tight end for the Green Bay Packers, Robert Jr, is enjoying a bit of his professional career playing in the top-flight football league in the country, the NFL. And he credits his family and parents for every success he has achieved. 

However, his form slightly dipped recently. In the recent game, the 28-yar-old failed to outdo 35 receiving yards in five consecutive weeks as the Packers lost 17-27 to Tennessee Titans in the NFL North game on Friday, November 18.

Quick Facts About Robert Tonyan

Full Name Robert Joseph Tonyan Jr.
Age 28 years
Father’s Name Robert Tonyan Sr.
Mother’s Name Tammy Tonyan
Sister’s Name Danielle Tonyan
Grandfather’s Name Bob Tonyan

Robert Tonyan Parents Tammy And Robert Sr Raised Two Athletes

Robert Tonyan was one of two kids of his parents, Tammy And Robert. While Robert is a tight end, his sister, Danielle, was an all-conference volleyball player.

His parents were Bears fans growing up. However, their neighbor Gendes had such an impact on young Robert he became a Green Bay Packer fan. 

His birthday party circled 20 teams, a different team each year. Robert’s parents still have each jersey from his birthday parties. The Favre jersey is 24 years old.

Robert’s parents don’t miss any of their children’s games and are always there to cheer them on, yelling and clapping as both of them give their best on the field.

Robert Tonyan with his parents Robert Sr and Tammy along with his lovely sister Danielle
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Both their children grew up to be athletes. His sister Danielle is a former volleyball player. She was in the team squad for all-conference volleyball for the Sky High basketball team. Throughout her brief sports career, Robert’s sister managed to pull some impressive stats. 

In 2013, she was recognized with All-MAC East Team honors. Besides, Danielle took part in a total of 27 games, of which she started 10, and she ranked tenth in the MAC in terms of scores in conference matches.

Similarly, Robert was signed by the NFL team Detroit Lions in 2017. He was playing tight end for Indiana State University in NCAA football when The Lions picked him as an undrafted free agent. He called his mom on her birthday to spring the good news.

His father, Robert Sr, could not believe his son would be playing in the NFL. His mother, Tammy, could not hold her happy tears either. “Robert, you’re on the team! Oh my God, I’m so happy for you.”

Tonyan with his father older Robert. His father was full in tears when he heard about his son Robert Jr. being selcted by the Detroit Lions for their NFL team  in 2017.
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Older Tinyan recalled the good old days when Robert was just a kid and did not like football. Even though he started playing in the backyard, he didn’t immediately develop a passion for football. 

Robert, 28, first picked up the quarterback position in the fourth grade. He continued to play it through elementary school, into high school, and even through the first two years of college. However, he was moved to the tight end position when he joined The Kings.

Robert Tonyan Father Robert Sr Owns Family Construction Business

Robert Tonyan was named after his father, Robert Tonyan Sr. His father co-owns and runs a family construction business WM. Tonyan and Sons

The firm was formed by Bob Tonyan, Robert’s grandpa, and his three brothers. They chose the name William for the business in honor of Rob’s great-grandfather, the founder of another construction firm.

Wm. Tonyan and Sons was a general construction firm established in 1962 in McHenry, Illinois, located in the extreme northwest parts of Chicagoland.

Robert Tonyan father owns a family construction business, WM. Tonyan and Sons.
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The NFL star’s high school was one of several pieces of commercial real estate in McHenry that the Tonyan family constructed throughout three generations.

After the passing of Bob, his son Robert Sr took the helm of the business company. Tonyan has spent his entire life working in the construction industry. According to him, when relocating from Germany to Illinois, the Tonyans got into the gravel trade after they settled there. Shortly after that, they started working on the construction.

Given that the men of Tonya are renowned for having the power to lift objects that machines are designed to handle, it stands to reason that Robert has picked up on and put to good use some of his ancestors’ abilities.

Robert Tonyan Family Came From Germany

Although Robert Tonyan was born in McHenry, Illinois, and is American, his Tonyan family is a native of Germany.

His ancestors came from Germany to Illinois back in the 40s. They were trade people, so the Tonyans invested themselves in the gravel business as soon as they arrived. Gradually they shifted their primary business to construction by the late fifties.

Robert Tonyan family, his parents and sister cheering him during a game in 2017.
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His grandfather Bob Tonyan was among the early Tonyan to start a family construction business. He and his three brothers founded a construction company, WM. Tonyan and Sons, honoring their father’s name William, Robert’s great-grandfather.

Over many decades, the firm, once started by a small group of Tonyans from Germany, expanded and developed into one of the most successful construction businesses in the McHenry region. 

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