Michael Vick Salary At Fox Sports – Where Is He Now?

Michael Vick pockets a salary ranging from $700,000 to $1 million at Fox Sports. And though he may earn millions, his financial woes keep mounting.

Earlier this year, in July, Vick was sued by a group of creditors, who said that Vick owed them $1.2 million. This is one of many legal troubles the FOX commentator is currently facing against him.

Vick has been the analyst for FOX’s one-hour special program named NFL Kickoff since 2017, where he works alongside Charissa Thompson and Charles Woodson. 

In his 15 seasons as an NFL player, Vick reached playoffs twice and was a celebrated player at Atlanta Falcons. But his career took a nosedive in 2007 after his inhumane activities against dogs were revealed, which sent him to prison for 18 months.

Michael Vick Salary At Fox Sports

At Fox Sports, Michael Vick earns a salary ranging from $700,000 to $1 million. This can be stated from the fact that his co-host, Charissa Thompson, earns $700,000 annually. 

The four-time pro bowl winner, Vick, was hired by Fox Sports in 2017. Just before being hired by Fox Sports, Michael worked in the Kansas City Chiefs training camp.

Michael Vick pictured ahead of the game of Pittsburgh Steelers and the Los Angeles Chargers in 2019
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Michael had no whatsoever experience before working with Fox Sports. He tried to follow in the footsteps of footballers before him who joined sports channels after their retirement.

A celebrated player, Michael was not able to win Superbowl in his career that spanned 15 years in NFL. He was embroiled in a huge controversy in 2007, which almost ended his career in NFL. 

Vick, who was playing with the Atlanta Falcons at the time, served 18 months in prison for a dogfighting case. If it weren’t for that controversy, he might have earned not only a Super Bowl ring but also a higher-level salary with Fox Sports.

Michael Vick appears in front of the media after his involvement in the dog fighting case is revealed in 2017
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Highest Paid Sports Analyst At Fox Sports 

Tom Brady(deal after retirement) $37.5 million(annually)
Michael Stahan $17 million
Skip Bayless $6.25 million
Daryl Johnston $ 3 million
Thom Brennaman $2 million

Daryl Johnston, the three-time Super Bowl Champion, earns a salary of $ 3 million from Fox. Recently, Tom Brady, the seven-time Super Bowl Champion, is said to have signed a $375 million contract spanning ten years with Fox Sports.

Another big name in Fox’s roaster is Michael Strahan, the New Giants legend who reportedly earns $ 17 million. But unlike these former footballers turned analysts, Vick also faces many legal charges against him.

Michael Vick pictured with Todd Gurley ahead of the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals match in 2019
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Vick’s $2 million home in South Florida was questioned as he was taken to court by a group of creditors who said that the former player owed them $1.25 million.

At one point, he had become the highest-paid NFL player and had signed a $130 million contract of 10 years with the Falcons, but after his conviction, he was thrown out by the Falcons.

Vick’s NFL career ended with Pittsburgh Steelers in 2015 where he earned a salary of just under a million dollars. The stint at FOX Sports has helped Vick stay relevant in NFL.

Where Is Michael Vick Now?

The former NFL player, Michael Vick, is in his fifth year with FOX Sports. He travels back and forth between L. A and South Florida, where his wife and kids reside.

Kijafa Vick is the wife of Michael Vick, whom he married in 2012. The couple is parents with four kids, Michael Vick Jr, London Vick, Mitez Vick, and Jada Vick.

Earlier this year, in August, Michael Vick announced that he would be partnering with Level Sports as a partner and head of athlete development. Vick shared that this move would help him to connect with young athletes to understand the NIL agreement.

Michael Vick, the former NFL athlete with his wife Kijafa Vick at the Ahoy Club x Sip Channé Monaco Megayacht on October 26, 2022
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Along with hosting Fox Sports shows, Michael also has a podcast that he runs with Dwight Vick called The Vick757 Show. Vick is available on Instagram with the username @mikevick where he posts behind-the-scenes footage with his co-hosts at Fox Sports, Charissa Thompson and Charles Woodson.

The former quarterback, Vick, on November 11, attended the Veterans Day program, where he was a special guest. He shared the video from the event on his Instagram handle, where he was honored by the veterans for his contribution as a football player.

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