Kate Mara Parents Timothy Christopher Mara And Kathleen McNulty Rooney Own The Pittsburgh Steelers

Kate Mara parents Timothy Mara and Kathleen Rooney are part of the famous NFL families. Kate is their second eldest child.

Coming from a famous bloodline is not new for many Hollywood actors and actresses, but Kate comes from not one but two famous families. If the Mara’s are the owner of the New York Giants, then Rooney’s are the founders of the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

Kate also has a famous sibling in Rooney Mara, who, like her, is an actress. Kate is most notably known for her appearance in House of Cards and more recently for the miniseries, A Teacher.

And the 39-year-old actress had to warn Timothy and Kathleen before they watched the show. Recently, staying true to her roots, Kate narrated the show American Football which Michael Strahan presented. 

Kate Mara Parents Have An Age Old Connection With The NFL

Kate Mara parents Timothy Christopher Mara and Kathleen McNulty Rooney come from NFL heritage.

They have relatives as owners of two NFL franchises. Born and raised in Bedford, New York, alongside four siblings, Mara’s family has been involved in NFL since the early 19th century. Both her dad’s and mom’s sides hold claim to one football league. The love for football is abundant in the family.

Kate Mara with her father Chris Mara at the red carpet event of Shooter in California, United States
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The two NFL franchises in question are New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers. Kate’s father’s side is the owner of the New York-based team, and her mom’s side is the owner of the Pittsburgh-based team.

Timothy Christopher Mara, more famously known by the name Chris Mara, is the senior player personnel executive of the New York Giants and joined the franchise in 1979. His brother John Mara is the co-owner of the Giants.

Chris Mara’s role in the team has been critiqued in the past with his brother John even getting angry once in a press conference after being asked about the role of his family members in the franchise. 

Kate Mara with her mother Kathleen Rooney takes a brief morning stroll in Los Angeles in 2021
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Kathleen McNulty Rooney doesn’t exercise much power in Pittsburgh Steelers, unlike her husband Tim. The Steelers are currently under the ownership of her brother Art Rooney II.

Kata Mara has been seen several times out with her mom in Los Angeles. In 2021, Daily Mail photographed the mother-daughter duo walking the streets of Los Angeles in their athletic gear, taking a brief morning stroll. 

Katheleen and Chris are also parents to Rooney Mara(right) attending the 22nd Annual Screen Actor Guild Award in 2016
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Though brought up in a famous family, Kate Mara has never talked much about her parents. Being the only one in her family to venture into the film industry, she had to warn her mom and dad of raunchy scenes in her movies and shows. 

Mara talked about an uncomfortable moment on the Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2020, where she said she had to inform her family to skip some scenes if they wanted to see her show. She said it made it difficult for her to get honest reviews of her work from her relatives. 

Kate Mara Father Timothy Christopher Mara Had A Title Change

Kate Mara father Timothy Christopher Mara worked with New York Giants for two decades before being removed earlier this year.

Her dad is named after her great-grandfather Tim Mara, the founder of the Giants. Timothy’s dad, Wellington Mara, ran the NFL team until 2005 before his demise. Since then, his eldest son, John Mara has been at the helm. 

Timothy Mara is currently the senior player personnel executive and was previously senior vice president
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Along with his brother John, Timothy graduated from Iona Prep High School, where he was a star defensive end. He later joined Springfield College and was on the varsity golf team before he joined Boston College.

He graduated with a degree in arts and sciences from Boston and started working with the Giants. His first stint with the NFC East team began in 1979 and continued until 1993.

Many may know Timothy as an NFL scout as well and his scouting days began in 1994 when he started working at ProRate scouting for free agents in the market for 15 NFL teams.

Timothy Mara pictured in the New York Giants stadium with photos of his daughters at the top right and Giants superbowl victory at the bottom right
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Tim later joined Arena Football League and became president of New Jersey Gladiators. He left the team in 2003 after it shifted to Las Vegas, Nevada. 

The club is currently called Cleveland Gladiators and is run by Dan Gilbert. Chris was working as a senior vice president before his position was changed to senior player personnel executive in June. 

Timothy Mara as seen enjoying horse racing from the official's box in Kentucky
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Timothy is also a member of Starlight Horse Racing Partners, and he loves horse racing as much as he loves football. Speaking to New York Post in 2014, Mara talked about his passion for horse racing. 

He said horse racing makes him more nervous than Super Bowl. He partnered with his wife and invested in Starlight in 2012 and has seen it dominate the field of horseracing. In 2018, he compared winning Kentucky Derby to winning the Super Bowl, the prestigious trophy he has won twice while working in a senior position at the team. 

Kate Mara Mother Kathleen McNulty Rooney

Kate Mara mother Kathleen McNulty Rooney is part of the famous Rooney family and is the owner of the NLF team Pittsburgh Steelers. 

Katheleen Rooney, age 61, is the granddaughter of Art Rooney, the founder of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The ownership was later transferred to her dad Art Rooney. After his demise in 1988, it is run by her brother Art Rooney II.

Kathleen Rooney pictured with her daughter Kate Mara as she cradles her baby while walking in a neighborhood in LA in 2019
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Coming from a sport-loving family, it was normal for Kathleen to grow up around racetracks and football fields. As a teenager, she would often travel around the world. In her journal, she once mentioned having traveled on a pilgrimage in Canada to visit Catholic shrines.

In her journal, she also mentions her love for Pittsburgh Steelers, saying that seeing the crowd and the team running onto the field gives her goosebumps. She is mother to not only actresses Rooney Mara and Kate Mara but also to two sons Daniel and Conor Mara.

Along with forming a partnership with her husband in horse racing, Kathleen tries to stray from the public limelight and is mostly seen only during one of her daughter’s red-carpet appearances or taking walks around Los Angeles. 

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