Who Is Model Gillian Bailey From The Horses? Fans Still Remember Daryl Braithwaite Iconic Anthem

Model Gillian Bailey from The Horses mimes the vocals in the iconic anthem of Australian music history.

Former top international fashion model Gillian Bailey ruled over the industry in the 1980s & 90s era. Her popularity rose after appearing in Australia’s most iconic anthem.

The former hit model has once again become the talking point to the public, as tributes pour in over the internet after famous singer Margaret Urlich’s death.

Urlich had shared her thoughts on the smash hit anthem The Horses, on which the top model lip-synced the vocals. As people recall the singer, they also remember the model and the music that won everyone’s heart. 

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Who Is Model Gillian Bailey From The Horses? 

Model Gillian Bailey is known for miming her vocals in the iconic anthem The Horses. She is a former hit international model, mainly known in the fashion industry. 

She was active in her professional life as a model during the 1980s and 90s. Throughout her modeling career, Bailey represented many agencies like City (based in Paris) and Pauline’s (based in New York.) 

Besides her appearance in hit music, she is also well known for being the widow of her late husband, Richard Bailey, a late fashion photographer. 

She shares two children, Jasper and Billie, with her late partner in the family. At the time of her modeling career, her brunette hair and brown eyes fascinated everyone in the industry. 

Regardless, featuring in the iconic anthem was a career breakthrough for the model. After lip-syncing in the video, she was nicknamed “Gilli Vanilli.”

The model then mentioned, “I got the lyrics the night before the shoot, and I had to learn them quickly. I listened to the song on my Walkman while driving to the shoot in my old bomb of a car.”

“I was really nervous. Miming was the really scary part. I was nicknamed Gilli Vanilli for a while!”

Model Gillian Bailey
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Fans Recalls Daryl Braithwaite Iconic Anthem With Gillian Bailey

The fan followers still remember Daryl Braithwaite’s iconic anthem, The Horses, where Gillian Bailey mimes the vocals. With the famous singer Margaret Urlich’s death, the music has again come to everyone’s attention. 

Despite Urlich’s contribution to the anthem, she couldn’t appear in the music video due to her busy schedule. 

She mentioned, “When it came time to do the video, I was in London recording my second album. I was so into the headspace. I could have come back to do the video, but I was doing my own thing by that stage.”

“A lot of people know it’s my singing, but they don’t put two and two together.” 

Although the situation created havoc for some time, it soon got resolved after they hired a model to mime Margaret’s parts.

Daryl Braithwaite
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How Old Is Gillian Bailey? Know Her Age & Height

Model Gillian Bailey might be in the age of her late 50s or 60s in the present day. However, her birth information still remains in the public interest. 

She is a former top model with a height of 5 feet and ten inches tall. Bailey held New Zealand nationality and was married to her late husband, Richard. 

Gillian gave birth to her son in 1997 and her daughter in 2000. 

Model Gillian Bailey
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Where Is Gillian Bailey Now? Glimpse Into Her Instagram Photos

Gillian Bailey moved to Chinamans Beach in 2007 with her family. However, after retiring from her modeling career, her whereabouts now remain in the public interest. 

The former top model might be having her time with the family now. Sadly, Gillian doesn’t seem to be active on Instagram, nor does she have her photos uploaded on the platform. 

Nevertheless, there is still numerous internet site with the collection of her pictures. 

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