Gregor Townsend Wife Claire Townsend Raised Two Rugby Players

Gregor Townsend wife Claire Townsend is a fitness enthusiast like her husband. Townsend shares two sons with Claire.

The Scottish rugby union coach and his partner have raised two boys who are the future of Scottish rugby. Their sons, Christian and Luke, have starred for their country at junior levels and will look to make waves at the senior level as well. 

On her social media page, Claire has shown that she is not far behind the men in her home when it comes to fitness. The long-time partner of Gregor Townsend, at one point, stayed in France with the former rugby player when he joined the French club Brive.

And now Claire might look to pack her bags and head to France once again as French media have reported that the 49-year-old has applied for the managerial role, and Gregor has admitted that the Six Nations could be his last stint as a Scottish manager. 

Gregor Townsend Spouse Claire Loves Fitness

Gregor Townsend wife Claire Townsend loves to keep herself fit which is evident from her Facebook handle.

The Scottish coach spouse has shown that she is not far behind her husband and their two boys in keeping up with fitness levels. Claire has shared several videos of her exercising in parks and from the comfort of her home.

In 2016, the mom of two rugby players even accepted a challenge from one of her friends when she had to do 22 press-ups every day for 22 days. Gregor’s partner can also be seen donating to various fundraisers relating to fitness and exercise. 

Claire pictured with her pet dog Bonnie at the Fjordhus Reivers Hockey Club in Saint Boswells, Scottish Borders, UK
Source : facebook

A graduate of the University of Edinburgh, Claire tied the knot with the rugby player during the late 90s. While he went on to have a thriving career and the couple a successful married life, there were times when the long distance from his partner and home did take a toll on Townsend. 

Claire stayed in London for work purposes when the MBE joined the French club, Brive. Being far from home and coming into an environment where there were few English speakers made the Scotsman feel isolated as he opened up about his mental health issues in an interview with The Times in 2020. 

Since then, Townsend has been vocal about mental health issues among young players. Like his wife, Gregor is involved in fundraisers and trekked the High Atlas Mountains to raise funds for the Scottish legend Doddie Weir‘s foundation, My Name’5 Doddie Foundation, which was promoted by Claire as well on her social media page.

Gregor Townsend Kids

Gregor Townsend has two sons named Christian Townsend and Lucas Townsend. His oldest child is 20 and his youngest is 18 years old.

The two kids of Gregor and Claire are the future of the Scottish rugby team. While his oldest kid, Christian, has already broken into the U-20 team, his youngest son, Luke, broke into the U-18 team in April 2022. 

Christian Townsend

Christian pictured outside his family home in his Scotland training gear as he gets ready to head to the U-20 Six Nations Tournament in June 2021
Source : facebook

Christian Townsend is the firstborn of Claire and Gregor and was called for the Scotland U-20 training team in 2020.

Previously, Christian had helped his school to the finals of the Scottish School Cup at the under-18 level. Standing at 1.86m, Christian plays the same position as his father, a fly-half. 

In 2021, Christian was part of the squad representing Scotland in the Six Nations Under-20 tournament. But even before the 20-year-old went on to create a buzz in the rugby scene, Gregor had already admitted that his son was better than him. 

In a tweet posted in 2016, the head coach of Scotland rugby shared a photo of him and his eldest child returning from a run as he said the youngster was much fitter than him and was going to eclipse him in height. 

Luke Townsend

Luke pictured outside his family home in his Scotland training gear as he gets ready to head to the U-18 Six Nations Tournament in April 2022
Source : facebook

Luke Townsend, age 18, was born on August 8, 2004. On April 7, 2022, Claire shared a good-luck message for her son through her Facebook handle.

The proud mother of Luke uploaded a photo as he got ready to make way with his u-18 team to face France in the Six Nations tournament.

Luke and the Scottish team returned home with one victory over three games, with their sole victory coming against Italy and two losses against England and France.

Both Luke and his older brother have tried to keep a low-key profile on social media pages, with Christian even keeping his Twitter handle private. Luke and Christian’s Facebook handles haven’t been updated in a long time. 

Gregor Townsend Family

Gregor Townsend comes from a family involved in rugby federations alongside him. 

Gregor showed he was a family man as he celebrated his dad and mum’s 50th anniversary alongside his brother, Craig Townsend, at the luxury 5-star resort located in Scotland. 

Gregor pictured with his mom and dad and the rest of the family at the Cameron House LL, luxury resort in Scotland as they celebrate his mum and dad's 50th anniversary
Source : twitter

Craig, who is two years older than Gregor, is a former rugby player, having played the game until the u-18 stages. Both he and his brother played for the Wanderers but his younger brother clearly showed that he had the talent to make the sport his profession. 

Gregor Townsend Brother Craig Townsend

Gregor Townsend brother Craig is a graduate of the University of Exeter. He received his degree in exercise and sports science in 2002, where he researched sports such as golf and rugby. 

He received a master’s degree in coaching science from Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2009 and later joined as a golf development officer at England Golf.

Craig Townsend is all smile as he posts a picture on his Twitter handle
Source : twitter

Craig returned to the University of Exeter as a performance golf manager. In his seven years over there, he rose through the ranks to become a high-performance manager and was involved in all kinds of senior sports. 

He became involved with his sibling once again in 2018 as he joined the Rugby Players Association as a development manager and later worked as a senior development manager before being promoted to program lead. 

Craig has been part of the Exeter community throughout his sports career and has helped several youth players’ development. He is available on Twitter with the username @cgbtownsend and is often seen tweeting about RPA and his favorite sport, golf. 

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