Inside Michigan Defensive Coordinator Jesse Minter And His Wife Rachelle Wittich Minter Married Life

Jesse Minter is married to his wife Rachelle Wittich Minter in 2008. Jesse and Rachelle have three children together.

While his wife supports his coaching job and may be spotted in the stands during games, he is an American football coach who is now the defensive coordinator at Michigan.

He enjoys watching football games with his family, and even his children offer him advice. Everyone in the family has ideas for how to make the game better.

They are infused with football culture since it has somehow become a family tradition. Rick Minter, the father of Minter, was the defensive coordinator at Southern Miss before serving as the head coach at Cincinnati.

His wife and he have been a loving couple who are cherished by his family and friends for more than ten years of blissful marriage and his still going strong.

Jesse Minter Wife Rachelle Wittich Minter

Jesse Minter and his wife Rachelle Wittich Minter have been married for 14 years as of 2022.

They were united in marriage on July 6, 2000, and their followers adore them for their great relationship. They are one of the football field’s power couples.

Josh Minter wife is his biggest critic.
Source : twitter

Jesse constantly admires his wife and never forgets to give her credit for his successes. He claims that she has always been the one to provide him with emotional support and affection when he needed it, as well as to have taught him to maintain his humility and never let his confidence soar.

He also posts photos of his wife and himself together on Instagram. Most recently, he posted a photo of the two of them attending his family’s wedding, where he was dressed in a tuxedo and she was in a blue dress.

Josh and his wife Rachelle attending their relatives wedding
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He and his wife also openly support the LGBTQ community, have shared their viewpoints, and have volunteered for a campaign in support of that community.

Rachelle is her husband’s biggest admirer and frequently posts about him on social media. He attributes this support to his wife, whom he says gave him the motivation.

Jesse Minter And His Wife Have Three Kids Together

Jesse Minter and his wife have two sons and a daughter together.

His daughter Millie, and sons Monte and Mac, all can be seen in the stands supporting him throughout his games are very close to him and have always looked up to him.

Josh and Rachelle's three kids together
Source : instagram

In his spare time, he teaches his kids as they play football in the backyard. He wants his kids to be good athletes, but he doesn’t make them do anything they don’t want to.

To support their father, the kids can be seen sporting the Michigan jersey on Rechelle’s Instagram during game days, and his followers adore seeing his kids sport the adorable little jersey.

His wife claims that their children are puzzle enthusiasts who enjoy them greatly, buy them, and spend a lot of time doing so.

His kids wearing his teams jersey.
Source : instagram

Minter’s coaching style has also been impacted by his father Rick, who was the head coach at Cincinnati and is now a defensive analyst at Southern Miss. Rick also enjoys spending time with his grandchildren.

Minter joined Vanderbilt in 2021 as the team’s defensive coordinator and safeties coach, but his coaching schedule prevented him from spending much time with his wife and kids.

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